Sister wives

  1. Um...they have a book out now? :amazed:

    Publication Date: May 1, 2012
    The stars of the hit show Sister Wives present an uncensored, unedited look at life in their plural marriage.
    The Brown family, open polygamists, are the stars of the popular reality program Sister Wives, a hit for TLC not only because of the unusual subject matter, but also because of the honesty and frankness of the entire Brown family. Now in their own words they reveal even more to help viewers better understand the lifestyle, the family dynamics, the experience of living “on camera,” and the love shared in their unusual family, in a candid memoir that openly discusses the details of how their special relationship works.

    The Browns offer honest answers to the questions viewers who turn in every week can’t help but have: How do all the wives feel special while sharing one husband? How does a woman decide to become a sister-wife, especially if she’s not born into the lifestyle? How do the four relationships differ from each other? How do child-rearing conflicts get resolved? How does the sole husband navigate the emotions of the women and handle jealously among his four wives?, and many more. With the trademark candor that has drawn millions of viewers to their show, the Browns tell readers everything they’ve ever wanted to know about life in a plural marriage.
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  2. ^Did they photoshop Janelle? She looks so much thinner on the cover.
  3. ^ I know Janelle was losing weight and did seem a little smaller on last night's episode, but she certainly didn't have a waistline that defined.

    I think the producers are running out of ideas. A whole episode about them decorating Kody's car?! zzzzz.....
  4. Christine seemed to take it a little personal when her young daughter said she was not going to be polygamist. She was like "well if I wasn't polygamist I wouldn't have you."

    News flash Christine: monogamous people have kids too! Sometimes a lot of them. And they generally do not worry about all the kids they might have had if the had choosen a polygamist spouse!
  5. I think the Browns are in for a rude awakening, it seems very few of their kids want to follow the polygamist lifestyle. I remember a lot of the teenage girls saying they did not want to - with the exception of Meri's daughter who said she did want to do it.

    Their oldest son Logan also seems to be into it, he's kind of a Kody clone in personality.
  6. The publisher of that book must hate Robyn - thats the worse pic of her EVER

    The other 3 ladies look good
  7. I did not see Christine's reaction as uncalled for. If she did take it personally (which is not how I would describe it) of course she took it that way; it's a fundamental religious belief they hold.

    I thought it was so cute the way the little girl said she was not good at sharing and she's not going to be a polygamist.
  8. i think robin is losin' a bit of her luster...all that mac n cheese and living with cody, she's lookin' harsh
  9. the duggers have 19 and same mother same father

  10. I'm sure she did not mean she wouldn't have kids if not for polygamy. She meant she wouldn't have the child she was speaking to since Kody is her father. Without polygamy that would not have happened.
  11. I seen the previews and said the show looks stupid. Caught it one time and I was right. You couldn't pay me to watch this tragedy and mockery of marraige!
  12. why do they always evade the good questions?! the interesting stuff. of course they answer the pointless questions, like what hair products kody uses...
  13. I thought that, too. I mean COME ON!

    But I am looking forward the the advertised sister wife throw down next week over a house.
  14. yeah, they refuse to talk about sex. but i think it's a valid wonder. if he's switching around every night, it must be taxing on him sexually. unless they have a system of some sort so he gets a break. they say they keep sex between kody and each of the women and never discuss it amongst each other. but you have to wonder.
  15. Oh, which wives??