Sister wives

  1. here's my take:
    Meri doesn't mind Robin so much as she feels that she helped choose her for Kody and that she's wife # 1, and that gives her more status.
    The two blond wives, will never really accept Robin, there's way to much jealousy. Christine thought that she was last hot wife for Kody, thinks she the fun young one for Kody.
    Janelle was the working one, and I bet handled the finances of the family, and just sees Robin and the new kids as added burden on the family.

    I don't think the Brown family will stay together.
    And I agree, the ladies don't look happy when filmed on the couch. I wonder what kind of discussion goes on as to who gets to sit next to Kody.
  2. I don't watch the show. Every time I see it on TV I can't help wondering: what are these women thinking??... I just don't get it!
  3. I don't know the names of the children, but wanted to ask: is the youngest baby girl sick?
  4. ^ The hairless baby? Not sure. She does look a little...striking...
  5. ^I think that's Janelle's baby right? She's so tiny.
  6. Isn't that Truly - the baby of Christine. She does seem to not have much hair - or maybe just very fine blond hair. I have a friend that is very blond and had a really blond baby girl. I think that little girl was almost 2 before she seemed to get much hair.
    She looked ok when she was playing outside when the family was setting up the new back yard for Christine - she was playing in the sand.
  7. I agree! I thought she had something wrong with her as well.

    I also agree with the poster who said they don't think the family will stay together. They look miserable on the sofa and seem to fight a lot more lately.
  8. was christine the one who said her and kody and her kids are going on vacation? if anyone needs the alone time is merry she only has 1 kid the 3 of them need time away
  9. Meri and Kody took a vacation last season.
  10. Yes, and he and Janelle went camping. And he and Robyn had their honeymoon. So I guess it's Christine's turn.
  11. Baby Truely. My mom always says she thought I would never grow hair. I think I was at least almost two before I started growing any hair, ever since then I've had thick, curly hair.
  12. Cody's sideburns...I just can't take him, he's such a tool. :lolots:
  13. Robyn just can't keep her trap shut regarding the teenagers :nogood:
  14. What did you guys think about Robyn getting weirded out when the other wives were in her bedroom?

    I'm glad at least some of those girls are set on not having a plural marriage when they're older. Meri's daughter, Mariah, seems really tortured all the time though.

    Kody: "A kiss is a sign of commitment" :weird:

    And why on earth would a real estate agency hire 3 people with no experience in a depressed economy? That whole scene was odd. They hung banners and went home.
  15. that sort of bothers me too, she is so opinionated and vocal about what the teenagers should and shouldn't be doing and it just rubs me the wrong way. I suppose it's a great thing that she feels like an equal "mom" in the family already but she didn't raise those children and I just wish she would back off.