Sister wives

  1. I couldn't stop laughing when they asked one wife how she feels when he takes another into the bedroom for sex "Well gosh darnit they better be!".

    Wow his first wife seems very jealous! How has she not snapped after all these years? And she was even raised in a polygimist family so theres proof right there that just because you were raised that way and continued that lifestyle that its not all perfect on the inside because she does seem like she has issues with it to some degree!
  2. Sounds like Hugh Hefner, except for the minor detail that he doesn't want to get married and have kids. Also, his girls aren't allowed to see other men. Ugh. How can this situation be seen as "fair?" To the guys it's a no-brainer I guess.
  3. I happened upon it last night and watched. I didn't think he was very father ish to his kids. I'm not sure they are all his. Did any of the wives come with kids already? Any way he seems like he is only after the fun side of having mulitple women and all the work is left to the sisters to do. Not to mention the oldest son gets his (his moms kids) siblings up for school and cooks their breakfast. That's really more a parents duty but dad is too busy with the other women 2/3 of the time to help I guess.
  4. I don't think it's awful or unheard of for the oldest of five to take on some the parenting duties. it comes with being the oldest child in ANY family. He also seemed genuinely happy to do it, and made a fancy breakfast buritto. Everyone has to pitch in in a family. However, the dad can't possibly be a great father to 13 kids. How could he? I think it is very selfish of him to drive four hours each way to "court" the homewrecker, while his wives are left at home to bust their humps with 13 kids. The Dad was putting too much of a smiley face for the cameras for me to believe one word out of his mouth. And yes, the fact that he wasn't raised in this culture makes me think he is after this for the fun of it. He's middle aged and saddled with 3 aging wives. A new younger, and hotter thing would pique any man's interests..."the principal," my foot!
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    I was disgusted by this show but at the same time fascinated. I probably will continue to watch the entire season. This "lifestyle" is just an attempt to legitimize adultery. You can tell that man is not a real husband to any of those women. Did anyone else notice the superficial way he hugged them? Something just seemed off.
  6. Their story fascinates me.
  7. Pfffftttttt...........what next? Bestiality? :tdown:
  8. I watched it. Not sure if I'll continue watching. One of the benefits the wives were saying was that they always have help with the kids. That you can go to a movie and take a break. I kept thinking, but when you return from the movie there are 12 kids there and 2 other women, not to mention the husband roaming around if you can find him.
  9. I don't have a problem with polygamy. I think people should be able to marry whoever, or whatever, they want to marry. It's their lives. Who am I to tell them what they should or shouldn't do marriage-wise?

    To each his own.
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    I watched last night. Interesting show and if I remember I will tune in again. I know this lifestyle isn't for me but it seems to work for them. I know this new wife will rock the boat! I am trying to figure out how on earth did he have the time to date another woman with 3 wives and 13 kids!
  11. I just read that he is under investigation for violating the felony polygamy law in Utah.

    I think polygamy is generally very male-centric. But, I'm not going to judge the people who participate in it. Whatever makes them happy.
  12. I wouldn't mind having three husbands--each one could meet different needs...:greengrin: :graucho:
  13. ^Sorry that would be too much sex for me!!:roflmfao:
  14. too!!! Could you imagine?!!!