Sister wives

  1. but I thought Polygamy involves being married to multiple people. This guy is only married to one, but has other 'fake wives/girfrliends'. To me that's even worse, because at least if they're married and something tragic happens, I assume they will be taken care of. But if they're his girlfriends, the wife will get the bulk of his estate. The girlfriends will get the short end of the stick, if he hasn't made other provisions.

    Either way, I think it's a mess...

    ITA, the ish is gonna hit the fan when he brings home a new, younger, more attractive chick!
  2. Aren't they "sealed" though?
  3. what does that mean?
  4. EVen if they are 'sealed', the other wives have no legal recourse for themselves or their kids. Hopefully, he has set up some sort of trust for his other wives and kids.
    I didn't watch it. Is it worth watching when it repeats?

    I still cannot believe that this is real.
  5. Sealed is basically having a marriage only recognized by their church, it's their version of commitment since they can't all legally be married.
  6. oh, ok!

    Sealed in the eyes of the church is all well good and fine (I guess), but provides no legal standing for other mattes.. Hope he has a good will drawn up.
  7. :yes: The ladies definitely don't "win" in these sitch's :sad:
  8. What is wrong with those women? OMG I understand that he is just a creepy perv but I wonder what he would say if they wanted a "husband" added to the group?
  9. I'm sure they'd be shown the door..
  10. the soon to be new wife is pretty what if he divorces them all for her :tender:
  11. you know what this is the first family that i have seen wear pants . the moms wear jeans and low cut shirts thats cool
  12. I don't think it would even come up, to be honest. It's just not in line with The Principle.
  13. What woman in her right mind would want to deal with multiple husbands? :p
  14. I watched the first show and I will probably watch the rest of the season. It's going to be interested with this new woman coming in. I think the first wife is going to be the main one struggling with the new wife. Something about her seems "different" then the rest as well. I think she's struggling with some things.

    I personally don't care for the guy because I think his whole reason for being a Fundamentalistic Mormon was just so he could have multiple wives. He wasn't raised in the life like the first and third wife, who I'm personally more sympathetic too because they were and it's what they know. I think it was the best case scenario that all the kids were raised together so having this ready made family with the new wife coming in should be interesting.
  15. I recorded this last night but haven't watched it yet. Is it a Real Housewives of Polygomy type show? Was it good?