Sister wives

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    Talk about a hot mess.

    My question is: How come the women are never allowed to have another mate involved????

    Sneak peek: Inside the family of an American polygamist

    By Sophie Forbes
    Last updated at 11:29 AM on 24th September 2010

    It's the new US reality TV show that is sure to set plenty of tongues wagging right across America.

    Sister Wives explores the life of Kody, Meri, Janelle and Christine - a husband and his three wives who live together with their combined 13 children - a real life 'Big Love.'
    The 'integrated family' reveal the inner workings of their unconventional family structure as they attempt to live a normal family life in a society so heavily opposed to their belief system.

    Scroll down to see the video... Sister Wives: Kody with his three wives Christine (left), Meri (middle) and Janelle (right)

    In the show's preview clips on the network website, Kody attempts to explain what it is like living the way they do.
    'We are a fundamentalist Mormon family,' he said in his first initial interview, attempting to distinguish between the different sects of the religion. Wife Number One: Meri is 39-years old and has one daughter Wife Number Two: Janelle is 40-years old and has six children Wife Number Three: Christine is 37-years old and has five children with another on the way

    'Not an LDS (Latter Day Saints) or Mormon family - they stopped practicing polygamy over 120 years ago. Big difference between us and them kind of like the difference between Catholics and Protestants.'
    The father-of-thirteen, who married his first wife 20 years ago, then went on to discuss how hard it is to tell people the truth about his life. Homework: Christine helps one of her children with their studies Making memories: Some of the Brown children leave their hand and and footprints in cement in the back garden

    'Over the years i have tried to be fairly open with people as i get to know them better,' Kody said.
    'Sometimes when you don't know a person that well or if you were concerned about potential prejudices, even amongst friends, you are very cautious about how you share what you believe in and your lifestyle.' Big love, big hair: Kody and his three wives pose for a portrait back in the Eighties Holiday snap: Kodi and the ladies look happy and relaxed in each other's company

    Despite the worry Kody claims to have had few problems in the workplace.

    'In the past my employers have been fairly cool,' he states.

    But their 'coolness' didn't necessarily put the father at ease - leading to major problems for the family. Festive fun: Some of the Brown children pose in their pyjamas on one Christmas Day Decision time: Kody holds a family meeting in the kitchen

    'I was kind of spooked when I went to a new employer so I didn't put all my children on the insurance so that it didn't throw me out the closet and potentially put some problems on the job that i love.'


    His daughter then needed emergency surgery to remove her appendix and Kody had to pay thousands of dollars for her treatment. Big Love: The family has 13 children in total with three more soon to join

    'It basically cost me a years wages because I was scared,' he admitted.
    'That was the last decision that I ever made out of fear. Now I want to be free to be who I am.'

    The show premieres on TLC on Sunday 26th September.
    The first season will also include the addition of a fourth wife to the family, 31-year-old Robyn who has three children from a previous marriage.

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  2. I will not have any interest in watching this, for SURE!!!! Hot mess is right!
  3. That is the biggest problem I have with these setups- they all reek of sexism. If the choice was equal for either gender, I wouldn't be so annoyed with it all. Although I can't imagine ever wanting to have to deal with more than one husband. Ugh!
  4. I always think that women in these kind of relationships have some deep rooted low self esteem issues.
  5. I saw the commercial for this and found it highly disturbing. I also think it's kind of glorifying this type of thing, kind of. I dunno. I guess I shouldn't say until I watch the show, but I don't think I will. It makes me too uncomfortable.
  6. This is totally fake right?
    I mean they have to be actors. It's just too crazy.
  7. I find this stuff fascinating. The concept of plural marriage seems so strange, but yet, it happens. I'll probably watch a couple of episodes.

    This isn't the first show about plural marriage. I don't remember the name of the show, but I think it was on A&E. The guy had three wives and he had children with each of them. They had a big farm and they were completely broke. They were going to loose their farm, but the man went out and found a fourth wife (who happened to be wealthy). She didn't get along with two of the other wives and he acted a douche towards her. I think the show only went on for a few episodes.
  8. I just viewed the video in the link and even though I don't watch any of the other tlc reality shows ... I'll probably watch this one. It's a somewhat fascinating to me.

    Plus, he's bringing a new wife into the chaos?! If he runs for a political office, has a fantastically outrageous mother, or if one of the sons start to hit on one of his mothers, I'll be hooked.:nuts:
  9. I'll totally watch, LOL! This totally fascinates me, I LOVE Big Love!
  10. I wonder why it's so "disturbing" and "wrong" to some people. I mean, people have the right to love whoever they want, and if it's more than one person at the same time, so be it. It's their choice. I think a lot of people have a problem with it because of religious aspects, which to me is the least of the reasons why it should be.

    I do agree that it is totally sexist. If a woman had three husbands, people would have all kinds of other opinions about it, but because it's a man, there really are only a few reasons why people don't like it.
  11. Me too! LOL
  12. Me too! I LOVED that show so much and never missed a show from any season :nuts:

    Totally agree.
  13. Me too! This will be a great show to watch until Big Love returns.
  14. Actually, it is usually people who practice polygamy who use religion as a justification. It is very rare (although it does happen) to see people advocate polygamy who are not fundamentalist Mormon. It is sexist because of the religious aspect that doesn't allow plural husbands for women. It seems that religion is really at the heart of the matter, so it cannot be dismissed.

    It is unfortunate, however, that in most cases of polygamy the man who feels entitled to multiple wives and countless children cannot support them. I wouldn't feel it was anyone's business whether someone wanted multiple wives (or husbands, for that matter) as long as the children were adequately provided for. But in most cases, the non-legally married wives are on public assistance and the boys in families are driven out of the community because otherwise there wouldn't be enough women for the other men. It seems there are a host of social ills associated with polygamy in the way it is usually practiced.
  15. ugh...the last thing I would want is another husband to take care of. But a couple more wives to pick up the slack when I need a snow day....hmmmmm :thinking:

    I love Big Love though!! :tup: