sistahs.....why do you care??????????????

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  1. with all due respect:

    what is with this fascination over what celbrities are doing or what they wear?:
    Reallly I am pretty hammered right now and come from the entertainment biz (DH is stll in cause he;s a musician) but why do any of you high class sisters even care what lindsat or paris is wearing?

    or what theyt atre doing?

    I am close to a couple of gals on the high end "fringe" of things and why why why do youcare about thier lives?
  2. I don´t really care as in; it doesn´t make me wear something I don´t like just because some celeb wears it. But what´s wrong with liking someone´s look?
  3. Frankly, I don't care if a celebrity is out buying a carton of milk, and I honestly don't understand the fascination with it, either.

    But I have to admit, I enjoy hearing about a good scandal every once in a while!

    I like hearing about celebrity feuds. (Except when both parties start acting like children *ahem* Rosie and The Donald!)

    I enjoyed E!'s Mysteries and Scandals when it was on the air.
  4. Why not? :shrugs:
  5. much of the time, i just like to see what celebs are wearing... they're usually the ones that set the trends, although, i don't usually feel like i must buy something just because a celeb is seen wearing it. i like fashion, that's all!

    i'll admit, it's interesting to hear some juicy gossip once in awhile, but it's not like i subscribe to magazines like US Weekly or People just to find out the latest news on their lives.
  6. I think maybe.... just to see how they are on and off camera , to see if they are just normal people with the same o' problems like everyone else...Tv makes them out to be so perfect......all that money , all that shopping !!!!!! :shrugs:
  7. To me, reading about them making mistakes shows they're human. I don't need to see them out buying shoes to know they're real people.
  8. I don't care. I don't buy tabloids. I wish this era of "fascination" would go away. It's overkill.:yucky:
  9. I like to laugh at their stupidity :upsidedown: Other than that, I couldn't give a rat's behind about any of them..
  10. Haha, are you tipsy?! Enjoy yourself!
  11. ha ha, have a couple of drinks for me sista :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  12. Can I ask you why you start threads "hammered"? With all due respect, what is the fascination with posting while drunk? Why would I care that you are drunk? Very much lady like behavior, no?
  13. Because it's fun. It's the same reason people (yes, celebrities included) go to fashion shows. It's entertaining to see designer clothes and bags that you don't run into on the streets. It's called the entertainment industry for a reason, after all.

    It's very clear you're going through something personal right now, Bagnshoo, but I don't think it's very nice of you to take it out on the girls and guys in this subforum. There's no reason to hurt others' feelings by insulting something we find fun.
  14. OY..lets be nice kids..we all have our OFF days!

    everyone is entitled to their own opinions here..and we try not to judge ........
    I personally love looking at what the celebs are wearing as it dictates what the hot items are
  15. I don't think she was being insulting. I think she was being curious.

    If she had come out and said, "Everyone's fascination with celebrities is stupid!" then that would be insulting.

    Isn't it better to ask questions about what someone doesn't understand rather than just insulting it?
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