Sissi Rossi - Medium Slouch Bag

  1. I just bought Sissi Rossi's Medium Slouch Bag in black. It's the perfect work/gym bag because it is big enough to easily hold all of my gym items (including sneakers), it is secure (i.e., closes with a zipper as opposed to a tote that is left open) and it is made of super soft leather. Also, it's has an 8 inch strap drop so it fits easily over my shoulder even with a winter coat!! Did I mention that it is also super light? I can't stand bags that are already 5lbs when they're empty. It's stylish too, so it's appropriate for the office. I hate sneaking off to the gym during my lunch hour with my puma gym bag for a quick workout - it's a bit too obvious. Now no one will know!! :yes:
  2. can you post a pic?? :smile:
  3. ^^^ Yeah, let's see!
  4. Pix as requested! :smile: All of my gym stuff is in the bag - how great is that? If you're into hardware, this bag isn't for you.
    IMG_2265.JPG IMG_2264.JPG
  5. Wow! I love their leather. That bag sounds awesome!

  6. Where did you buy it from-do tell!:yes:
  7. Wow, that is almost too nice to be used as a gym bag! (I'm so programmed to use a nylon duffle bag as my gym bag) I can think of so many great uses to it, from travel to even just a big everyday bag. It's not something you see everyday, very classy and classic. LOVE it!
  8. I got it from Shopbop when they were having their bag sale. Luxcouture has it as well (and they currently have a 20% discount promo). It's also cheaper on Luxcouture but I'm not sure what they charge for shipping (it's free shipping on Shopbop). The dark brown version is really rich looking.