Sissi Rossi Maxi Bag in Milk!!

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  1. SR 02.jpg SR 01.jpg Sissi Rossi Maxi Bag in Cognac.jpg
  2. Now there is a black one! I wonder if the Burgundy or Grey will pop up? How ever will I resist those?! This bag is my own little piece of big smooshy leather handbag heaven!
  3. gone :/
  4. they r there! keep trying... i think people r putting it in their shoping cart to see how many there r... and when they do it shows "out of stock"... good luck!!!
  5. The black one is back! I got the milk one and don't want to buy two. Does anyone want it? It's in my cart now. I will release it in 5 minutes if no one responds.
  6. I wish they had something in medium and not necessarily on Shopbop. I also bought a burgundy one, but it's huge (for me and on me).
  7. Malishka,

    I bought the milk one today at Shopbop. Is it really huge? Did you have a bad experience at ShopBop?

  8. sep, can you please tell me if you can wear the bag comfortably on your shoulder? Does the milk color get dirty easily? I am wondering if I should put protector (Wilsons or Coach) on it.

  9. Shopbop's customer service is the best. You won't find anyone better. But you cannot return final sale items.
    I am petite (5') and this bag is huge for me. If I lost a couple of pounds I could travel in it :lol: The bag is quiet big: 17"x17"
    Most of the models on shopbop are at least 5'10"-11" (I am jugding by the length of the dresses they are wearing: any dress that barely covers their butts reaches my knees :s )
  10. I got it about 2 weeks ago and am waiting for spring to wear it... I haven't put protector on it yet but I'm going to take it to a leather repair shop to have it done because I'm just not good at that sort of thing...

    Anyway, I have used my Cognac bag and I love it!! I also dig Sienna Miller and Mary-Kate Olsens's style so take that into consideration... The leather is so soft it makes my heart go pitter patter! The first time I used it the bag seemed a little large but by the 2nd or 3rd time it had gotten so slouchy and kind of molded to my body that you couldn't tell how much it could actually fit... I'm only 5' 1" and it's perfect for me! I've got TONS of compliments but it fits my style perfectly...:cutesy: Hope you love your bag as much as I do!
  11. Thank you for the explanation. I am not that tall either (5' 6") but I hope I like the bag.
    The no-return policy on final sales items is strict, and I wish they would issue a store credit instead if we returned the unwanted merchandise unharmed within certain number of days.

    I bought a Valerie patent bag in Emerald on sale earlier and realized that the color looked different than on the ShopBop web site. I didn't care for it and luckily it was on sale, not final sale. I am glad I was able to return it but would have been very upset if it was not returnable. :roflmfao:

  12. If for any reason you are not happy with the bag I would call to find out if you can exchange it... I have been shopping with shopbop for several years and there customer service has always exceeded my expectations!
  13. Great! Thanks. I saw the black one but the milk color looked more appealing. I recently bought a black AC and Geren Ford bag so wanted a lighter color for the spring. ;)
    I don't know much about the celebrity styles but I am sure they look nice :lol:. If it gets slouchy enough to sit next to my side comfortably, I will like it for sure. I can't wait to get it!!!

  14. I love this bag and we are similar in height, but when I put it on my husband asked if I was leaving him :roflmfao: My friend, who is 5'6" and for whom I bought a black one, thinks it's a bit too big. Again, it depends on the person's style and preferences.
    For me this bag is way too big. I have absolutely nothing to put in it. I wish I had enough cash to stuff it :rolleyes::girlsigh: