Sissi Rossi Maxi Bag In Burgundy & Grey $264.40 @ Shopbop! Love This Bag!!!

  1. I returned the burgundy which is more like a light eggplant and now have it in both the grey and black. IMO, the grey is more of a putty/taupe color.

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    Here's the black although I don't think it is currently available.
  3. They're gone!!!!!! Somebody got em'!
  4. ugh!! I remember I think you posting about that bag a few weeks ago and it's soooo cute. That leather looks TDF!!! bummer!!
  5. Bagachondriac, what is the bag on your avatar? Gorgeous!
  6. Bag-dear.....
    OMG - when I saw your new avatar I just yelped....REALLY!
    Cuz I'm totally in LOVE LOVE LOVE w/the same BAG!
    Needless to say, I do not need another bag, but this one is just a piece of artwork!!!
    So - it will be very interesting to see what happens in the future.....will we BOTH have this bag??????
  7. HeHe! Is it not a TDF bag? My problem is deciding whether I like best the ivory or the black one. I realize that I am on a serious bag ban....however, that doesn't prevent a gal from calling around for OTHERS in hopes of finding one of these babies on sale!! LOL! DC...if I find one at a reasonable price, I'll let you know. Should you buy it, I will just live vicariously through your purchase until my ban has been lifted! You know that I don't like what I term 'prissy' style bags, however this little jewel has won me over.

  8. Good morning, "dear".......:smile:
    I know I know I know - it's a beauty....combination of prissy AND biker with the studs. Now, you know ME and I never buy unless it's on SALE for a great price. So - looks like it will be months months months before it gets serious consideration. I'll be on the look-out for you too!!!
    Have a good one :p