Sissi Rossi for my Mother - yes? no?

  1. Okay, so I just bought this Sissi Rossi bag for my mom. Two years ago when I first got into handbags I naively bought her a Coach Soho flap in large - and it wasn't large enough. So, hopefully this bag will do it.


    What do you girls think? It was 70% off, so it was a super deal, but do you like the look? Should I treat it with suede treatment, or should I leave it for her to decide? Does anybody know whether Sissi Rossi makes good products? Thanks!

  3. Good idea, I can pick some stuff up.
  4. I love Sissi Rossi bags! I have a Cognac and a Milk Maxi and I love them!! So... how did she like her bag? Did you manage to get any pics?!:graucho: