Sisley skincare products

  1. Right now I'm using Esteé Lauder's Verité, but I recently received some samples of Sisley skincare. I really liked those (moisturizing cream with cucumber and hydra flash). But since there a bit more expensive than the one I use right now...what is your opinion on these producs? Are they worth it?
  2. YES! one jar can last almost a year! a little goes a LOOOOOOONG way. I use the night cream and the confort day cream!
    I use to use the cucumber, its really nice.
  3. I've heard one of their eye products is a MIRACLE product! I guess I should find out which one! LOL!
  4. sisley is great. but so is estee lauder. my mom uses sisley and i use lauder. verite is a great product! if you are happy with lauder then why pay more? but if you are looking to change it up, then go with the sisley!!!
  5. I love sisley because they have natural products. I have very sensetive skin and i like the complexe au raisin. I also really like shiseido