Sisley-Paris: What skin care products would you recommended?


Oct 26, 2007
Abu Dhabi
hi everyone,

few days ago i bought sisley eye balm and i used it once and am intrested in other anti aging serums and creams from sisley but i want to know is it worth the amount of money?

if u used sisley before what do u think and what's the best products u liked most

i forget to mention am 36

thanx :smile:


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
I have bought a few Sisley products. It's hard to get past the high prices.

I liked the daily line reducer(I had some samples) but the full size product costs $500!

I like the Body Cream for very dry areas (Confort Extreme)--works well on my dry feet and knees, but the Global Anti-Age Hand care feels greasy to me.

I use the Gentle Facial Buffing Cream a couple times a week for exfoliation--it leaves my face feeling really smooth. I have sensitive skin and this doesn't irritate it.

I have Eclat Tenseur (Radiant Immediate Lift) and it doesn't seem to do anything, so I won't buy it again. Their rosewater toner is too fragranced for my liking.

I haven't tried their cleansers or general moisturizers. I had a lip/eye cream that was good but not better than some less expensive ons so I didn't buy it again.

p.s. I'm much older than you--early 60's. My skin is good for my age, but it can still break out sometimes and is sensitive. It's not overly dry, but it needs light moisturizing.

I remembered that one of the best resort spas in the U.S., Canyon Ranch, uses Sisley along with their own brand of products, for the facials they give. That's when I first used Sisley on my face--the facialist highly recommended the brand.
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Oct 26, 2007
Abu Dhabi

thanks alot ur reply really help me, i've heard about the buffing cream before and now that u like it am considering buying it

i've also read about woman in her 50s has a young skin due to sisley products but didn't mention what exact product she uses

yes its very expensive (its even more expensive than la mer in some products) that's why i want to do my research before buying it

thanks again dear

hope other sisley users will participate

Cornflower Blue

Feb 27, 2008
My favourite Sisley product is Creme Reparatrice (Restorative Facial Cream). Says it's good for sunburn and dry wind-whipped skin, and I don't doubt it, BUT I personally have found it awesome as a night-time moisturiser, and I have to admit to sometimes having used it during the day (I'm in my mid-forties btw). I wouldn't use it all the time though but for a few weeks or when my skin feels like crap, it is the business!

I also have Sisley Ecological Compound on the go throughout the year, especially as my sole Summer daytime moisturiser - I'll stick it under any other moisturiser in Winter. Tbh, I'm never really sure if it does anything or not, but I like it:shrugs:, and my mother swears by it (as does her nearly 70-year old face!) so I'll go with it...:biggrin:

They also did a really good face-mask that I liked (don't know if it's still going) called Linden Blossom. I would like to get that one again.

Also had a love-in with their Hydra Flash facial cream for many years and would probably love it now if I had some. And there was also a fab eye cream they did with tomato in it (now discontinued) and also some sort of seasonal anti-aging glass capsules (think again now discontinued) that you had snap open and facially apply - loved those, used to get them as freebies with an order and they were darn good.

And then they started their anti-global range - just started getting too pricey for me :sweatdrop: so I can't really comment as to their effectiveness...

Thing is I started getting into Sisley when I was in my twenties, and I've come to the conclusion that as far as my skin goes, it's all more suited to late 30's/early 40's +. I've come to that same conclusion with a lot of brands though.

Sorry for the Sisley ramble! All I can say is that I've still got some Sisley on my dressing table after 20 years! LOL!


Jun 7, 2009
I like to change brand on my skin care product from time to time. I would like to try Sisley-Paris next. I would like to hear your experience with Sisley-Paris such as good night cream or mask that you would like to recommended. TIA.


Jun 7, 2008
Seattle, Washington
Hi Chrisy -

What kind of products are you looking for?

I tried Sisley for a year and stopped. I was not noticing much of a difference in my skin. I have tried:

Gentle Buffing Creme
Buff and Wash Cleanser
All Day All Year cream
Facial Cleansing Bar
Lotion w/Tropical Resins
Cleasing Milk w/Sage
Tropical Resins Complex
Facial Mask w/Linden Blossom

The only item I really liked was the Tropical Resins Complex. But everything else was either too strong for my skin especially the toner. I was hoping for a bigger difference but I was disappointed since their products aren't the cheapest.

The mask w/Linden Blossom was nice because it didn't get tight. My skin felt nice afterwards but again, I didn't notice a huge difference. The Gentle Buffing Creme was better but one thing I didn't like was that it is the type of mask that you let dry & rub off. I don't like doing that to my skin...for me it feels too harsh/rough.

Maybe you will have better luck since everyone has different skin types. I would ask for samples first :biggrin:


Jun 7, 2009
Thanks for your reply. I notice my skin do best when I alternate skin care with different brand. I use Cle de Peau. It does well for my skin for about two months then it's best that I use a different brand and come back to it. It's just me. So I need am looking for the alternate. I tried La Praire, Estee Lauder and trying La Mer. La Mer seems good but makes my face look too shinny for the first two hours. Now, I am thinking Sisley. I am interested in the entire, cleanser, toner, cream and mask.

Asking samples is good idea but would help if I know which products. Some sales would pretend they are the expert of a brand that they don't really work for and recommended the wrong product. So I am here to get user recommendation.
Apr 15, 2007
was a former Sisley user and found that the products were not high performing..

and would go into NM or Saks and just try different products.. maybe try a

different skin line once a week or so and yes, you should ask for samples and also

what are your skin issues or concerns?? that makes a difference as well..

there are also many over the counter cleansers that are really good and then you can

look for a moisturizer/night cream.. try Dr. Patricia Wexler.. her products are at

Bath & Body Works and know many gals who use them and they work...


In LaLa Land
Sep 9, 2006
San Francisco
I've tried the following Sisley products but stopped because I didn't see a big difference with my skin:
Cucumber Moisturizer
Tropical Resins Complex
Radiant Glow Express Mask With Red Clay Intensive Formula

I have combo and sensitive skin, and would be willing to pay the hefty price for products that work. Unfortunately, Sisley wasn't for me. I'm using Guerlain now, the basic Super-Aqua line and am loving it. The line I'm using is also cheaper than Sisley ($70-110), which makes my bank account happy.


Jun 7, 2009
It seems there isn't much good comments with Sisley-Paris. I guess I will start researching another brand. As I mentioned, I am happy with Clea de Peau just want a second brand to althernate with it. I have combination/dry skin.

bubbleloba, thanks for you comments on your expereince on Sisley-Paris.


Mar 3, 2007
I use the line. Well, specific items. I've tried everything targeted for dry,very dry, firming and slight lines (don't want them so let's keep them away, yes?). No complaints with anything I used, just that I found just as nice for cheaper elsewhere. However, what I've continued to purchase and use for 4 years now are the following:

*Ecological Compound (which can be used under ANY skincare line)
*Daily Line Reducer (day and/or at night)
*Phyto Blanc White Tensor (amazing makeup primer and it tightens your skin and lightens too dark foundaiton)
*Night Complex (used 10 nights per month to REALLY brighten up the complexion)
*All Day All Year (mositurizer that makes my skin look SO GOOD).

These are all HG products. I don't deviate from them. I'll add in other items from the line like a mask or a cream now and then but these products make up the core of my routine.