Sisley Black Rose Facial Oil

Apr 15, 2007
I have been using Sisley now for the last several months & noticed
a big improvement in my skin.

Sisley just introduced this facial oil meant to be used day or night.

Any thoughts?
I used to use Sisley but i got alot of pimples from it, i guess because it was to rich for my skin.
Despite that part of the story i do love the buff and wash and their masks.
I read about the oil and i think its a nice product but!!!

1. Its no replacement for the other products, i think that piece of information makes the oil very expensive
2. Thank god its a dry oil but you still need to layer with other products, if you have a combination/oily skin the oil, the serum and the cream can be kind of alot.
3. its for dry or mature skin, even do i believe in starting early, i don't know if you get real satisfaction if you have a young skin... you do???
Because if you are twenty or early thirties you don't have lines to 'fill up'

Bullet number 3 doesn't mean that you can not start using anti aging products because i do too, but if the oil just adds something that is difficult to see i would say buy it later on en keep on going with your usual sisley stuff. I know that Sisley SA's say that mixing sisley with other product is a no go but there are so many other oils over there..

kahina, munn etc...etc. that wil save you money

But overall i guess its a nice product but i will not pay more then 100 euro (130 dollar) on a face oil because i still need to refill the spf, the bb cream and the moisturizer.

If the winter is cruel a good faceoil is worth it so much but you still need to layer
Apr 15, 2007
I bought it & have been using it for the past few nights.

I need the extra hydration & do use Sisley Supremya at night.. so far so good


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Jul 7, 2014
I know a little bit about argan oil. The benefits of Argan oil are many and endless. When used on the face, it prevents wrinkles, minimizes fine lines, restores elasticity and reduces redness and irritation. It also rehydrates dry hair, eases frizzy hair, nourishes weak nails, prevents stretch marks, soothes sunburn and softens cracked heels.