1. Hi everyone!

    Im new around here and was just wondering if anyone has dealt with siscollections on eBay. I tried doing a search but couldnt find anything on them. They have some great stuff for sale and Im just a bit curious and like to research before buying anything.

    thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I was looking at them just yesterday, because was looking up the Coco Cabas. They have great feedback BUT their current black coco cabas is listing and they have one in their feedback,, that has pics of the exact same bag. This may not mean anything - the original buyer could have returned the bag, or they happened to have two authentic ones and they used the same pictures. I notice Naturalgasgirl is doing the same thing and I know she sells authentic shoes (although I have never asked about her purses.)

    But either way it made me wary.