Sirius vs Keepall - Luggage Battle Royale

  1. So here is the issue -- I have always had my heart set on getting a Mono Keepall 55 or Keepall 60. However today I went into the San Francisco LV store and fell in love with the Mono Sirius 45 and 55 pieces.

    Part of me really likes the Sirius line because I have not seen any knock-offs of it --the Keepall seems to be readily knocked off. Additionally, the Sirius just has a cool shape, but then there is my trusty friend the Keepall. It holds alot and is just a great basic bag to have around for quick jaunts and looks a less "precious" than the Sirius to me.

    ARGH! :crybaby: What to do...what to do! Anyone have the Sirius line and can give me feedback on if they like them or not? Additionally, can they be used as a piece of carry-on luggage?

  2. Sorry, I dont have have a Sirius bag, but I can give you MHO. I looked at them both in the catalog and I have to say that I like the Keepall 60 the best.
  3. i had the same dilemma once too, but the shoulder strap makes the Keepall the better option imo :yes:
  4. I like how the keepall has a shoulder strap.
  5. I had the exact same problem when I was going to get my keepall! When I went to the butique, the only thing that I knew I wanted was a piece of luggage that I could have as carry-on, so I didn't have my mind set on something, although I knew that I kinda liked the keepall. When I got there, my SA showed me the different types of luggage and in the end it was between the sirius and keepall for me. In the end I decided to go with the keepall with shoulder strap as it seemed to me that that would be easier to carry around in the airport than a sirius. He did say that it was possible to use the smallest sirus as a carry-on as well.
    I like the sirius though, so I will probably get one in the very distant future when I've got loads of cash.
    Oh, and while speaking from personal experience, if you don't need the space of a keepall 55 and you're going to use it as a carry on, get a 50 or 45. I have a 55, and it always end up looking either sloppy (which I don't think is nice) because it's half-full or being really heavy and huge (slamming into everything) when it's full.
    Good luck on making your choice :smile:
  6. I think the Keepall is more versatile.
  7. Anything mono has been faked...including the sirius...I personally like the keepall better than the sirius...coz I find it more ergonomic...
  8. ^^true, I have seen things faked that LV doesnt even make!

    Anyways, does the carryall not appeal to you?
  9. SO damier sirius............:drool:
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    ps--clake, get the sirius.