Sirius Heures 24 Pictures as promised...

  1. Sorry for the delay in uploading the pictures -- we didn't have internet access in the apartment last night (grrrr).

    Anycase, here are pictures of my yummy birthday present from my wonderful boyfriend. I returned the Keepall 55 he got me and got this instead, which I think is a bit more me. I think I will go back and get the Keepall 55 later on but having the suitcase "called" to me more....

    Woohoo -- I can't wait to go on a trip now!




  2. Congrats!!:yahoo: what about those rolling suite case? or the new Sports (speedy on a wheel w/handle)? You are going to have loads of fun traveling in fashion w/LV!
  3. Beautiful luggage! Congratulations!
  4. Congrats! It's very beautiful.
  5. gorgeous piece! congrats! are you afraid to travel with it?
  6. what a fantastic find!
  7. totally HOT! :biggrin:
  8.'s great!
  9. Not afraid at all -- its a carry-on size piece so it never leaves my side. As for wear-n-tear.....I am less concerned about that because its luggage!

    I feel that you should NEVER buy a utilitarian item that you are afraid to use and/or abuse. Eventually it will get scratched, some dirt will find its way on the vanchetta and the handles will turn brown from use and I look forward to that because that will just show that its been loved/used and there are great stories to tell about my trips.....

  10. Just beautiful! Congrats :biggrin:
  11. Yay, I've been looking forward to these pics! :yahoo:I forgot to congratulate you on your birthday yesterday btw - sorry :flowers:
    The sirius is gorgeous, and I'm starting to wonder why the heck I chose a keepall over that when I was buying my luggage..
    Hope to see some modelling pics in the visual aids :flowers:
  12. That's such an awesome piece of luggage! It'll be a great way to travel in style!
  13. Happy belated birthday! Congrats on the great-looking Sirius! You'll be so stylish on any trip you take!
  14. I Love It !
  15. Congratulations.