Sirius 55 - Can you use it as a carry-on?

  1. I am thinking of returning my Keepall 55 and getting the Sirius 55. While I love the Keepall, I have a fantastic leather duffle that I love and get compliments on all the time.

    My question is -- can the Sirius 55 be used as a carry-on? According to the dimensions, it can be used as a carry-on for most airlines but I was hoping to talk with folks with first hand experience.

  2. My SA told me that the smallest one could for sure be used as a carry-on (not sure if that's the 55 or a smaller one). But I guess your SA has track over all those things as well..
  3. I think sweetlove mean sirius 45? My use my sirius 50 as luggage but wrap it with plastic before put in baggage on plane.
  4. i think its a little big.
  5. 55? I'm pretty sure it can...if the dimensions fit the 22x12x9 then I think it can with most major airlines
  6. I think the 55 is too big, especially with it's square structure. The 45 would definitely work, as would the 50, but I believe the 50 was discontinued.