Sippy Straw Cups

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  1. I need recommendations for Sippy Straw Cups that have short straws for a two-year-old.:smile:
  2. We've been using the the munchkin click lock straw cups since DD was about 11 months (currently 20 months). They are easy to pull apart and clean, as well as cheap to replace (they are actually much cheaper in store vs. what Amazon currently has them listed for. The straw goes all the way to the bottom of the cup, which is something I didn't realize was important until we tried straw cups without that option.
  3. We've been using Thermos Foogo Sippy Straw cups since my son was 10 months (he's 2 1/2 now). They're super easy to clean since everything comes apart. We love the insulated ones for when we go on trips to the beach, zoo, park, etc because it keeps drinks cold all day!
  4. Thanks everyone for your input! Going to Amazon (it's easier) and order all three. :smile::ty: