Sippy Cup - Weaning from Milk Bottle

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  1. Hi All,

    My baby girl is almost 11 months and I'm in the process of introducing sippy cup to her. My question is why do I see most parents using sprout sippy but not straw sippy? On the packaging sprout sippy is labelled as stage 2 and straw sippy is stage 3 so I thought stage 3 means better?

    • Sprout Sippy Cup
    I've tried the sprout teat sippy but she does not understand she needs to tilt her head/ cup to drink. Yesterday I had one of her milk feed in the sprout sippy. I got her to sit and lean on my lap so she's on a angle. To my surprise she can drink the milk but the teat is flat from her vigourously sucking. I had to withdraw the cup after a few sips to have the teat "inflate" again before she can continue. The feeding time took twice as long compare to the usual feeding when I use a large size milk bottle teat. I'm confuse ... if I had to help her (including holding the bottle etc) than is there actually any sense to change to a sprout sippy vs continuing with the milk bottle?

    • Straw Sippy Cup
    She is capable of holding and sucking from a straw sippy cup. Currently inside the straw sippy is water. She still needs to practice the swollowing as after a huge sip she kinds of choke on the water :sweatdrop:.
  2. Regarding the stages...and someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the stages have to do with the age of the child and expertise of the chlid. For example, maybe stage 1 is for a 9 month old who is just starting to use a sippy. Stage 2 may be used by a 9 month old who has mastered the stage 1 sippy and stage 3 may be for a little older child who has mastered stage 2. Sorry if that is confusing! Hope this helps!
  3. thanks for replying :yes:. on the packaging the sprout sippy is labelled as stage 2, 6 months onwards and the straw sippy is stage 3, 9 months onwards. so yes i think it is meant to be a progressive thing.

    why it seems that most parents using sprout sippy but not straw sippy? is it because sprout is easier to clean vs straw?

    i'm really confuse what to do for my girl.
  4. babies usually cant suck from a straw.Hayden went off the bottle at 9 MONTHS...per my pediatrician....he only gets a bottle at bedtime since.He is now 11 months old today.
    I use the NUBY cups....they r awesome.and cant leak!try them..I threw out all his other ones after i discovered these!
  5. thanks jill i'll check out nuby :yes:
  6. the straws tend to scare ex husband gave my son a straw sippy when he was about 14 mths....he did it in the car and the straw went up his nose and he got a scratch. plus the straw ones leak. so i have only used the sprout ones.
  7. ditto on the Nuby! :tup:
  8. You might want to go to the spout kind, like the hard spouts. There is still something comforting for a child to be able to control the flow and wrap their mouth around.

    Give her the straw cup once in a while at home to practice on, otherwise if she keeps choking, she might equate drinking with choking and not want to do it at all.

    Oh also try drinking from the sippy cups yourself, especially if they have those valve stoppers attached. I discovered the valves were so stiff on the sippys we bought him that he went thirsty. I couldn't suck any liquid out to save my life! :tdown: Do you suppose your child is sucking as hard as she can without fluid coming through?
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    omg i've never thought about the possibility of that :shocked:. thanks for the heads up!

    i'm now trying to let her drink water totally with the straw sippy. most of the time i let her have small sip and than pull the cup away so that she can swallow before another sips.

    the straw sippy i'm using doesn't has a valve stopper. also i keep a close watch on the amount of water she drinks daily. she can get constipated if she doesn't take enough water. yesterday when i think she's not taking in enough water i actually spoon fed her some :sweatdrop:. these 2 days to my surprise she actually grab the cup herself and self feed once in a while :smile:.

    wow these sippy cup look so cute :heart: thanks for sharing!

    i'll continue to monitor how she's taking to the straw before getting any new straw/ hard spout sippy cup. the current straw cup one is actually too small for her regular milk feed. i've also read the ones that has valve stoppers doesn't leak but yes the sucking can be terribly hard even for adults. weaning from bottle is sure not easy :Push:
  10. My son doesn't really care for the sippy cup, which I introduced at around 6 months off and on. He will try to drink from it but doesn't really get the concept. I hope I can wean him off in a few months. I will check out Nuby cups.
  11. DS has a hard time using a regular sippy cup that he has to tilt to get liquid from. He will suck on it and swallow air. We got him a Nuby spill proof cup that as a flip straw (best invention ever!!). He has no problem drinking from a cup with a straw either.
  12. For hard spouts, I just take the valve off so my son gets more liquid out without struggling. They can be really strong!

    He does really well with straws, so that's all we use for the most part. Sometimes we use Nuby's when we are out to avoid spills, but they can be taught not to lay their sippy's down on their side, so this shouldn't be an issue once they get older.

    Nuby's are awesome, and I highly recommend one with a soft spout for your child based on what you are describing!
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    thanks all for the reply :flowers:. seems that everyone love nuby. i'm so tempted to get both the spout and straw nuby cups lol.

    has anyone use an insulated straw cup? i'm wondering if i'm to get a bigger straw cup for my girl should i get an insulated one? probably a silly question but can u see how much liquid is left inside?

    currently i just shake the milk bottle to dissolve the powder ... can u do that with straw cup? or it's better to have a spoon to stir before closing the cup? (i'm wondering will milk powder get stuck inside the straw if i shake it :P)