Sippy cup that doesn't require a lot of suckling?

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  1. Our pediatrician said to get a sippy cup that doesn't require a lot of suckling, especially not the type with valves. Dr. Brown has this natural flow training cup that's the only one I've found that doesn't have valves but it is huge. Any recommendations on which one to use as the first training cup for a 6-month-old who's been exclusively breastfed (doesn't take/like the bottle)?

  2. haven't used it yet since she still so young... but my bottle starter kit came with a sippy cup and supposedly there is not a lot of sucking required... it's worth a try?BornFree™ Natural Baby Products
  3. ^ Thanks. I will check out the Born Free cup.
  4. My kids loved the sippy cups from Wal-Mart...and of I cannot remember the name, but I think they started with a N. The spout is soft...and that is what my kids liked about it.
  5. ^^ You're thinking of Nuby :yes:

    My exclusively breastfed DD loves the "Take N Toss" brand. I love them because they're about $3 for a package of 4 and if she ever hides one behind a sofa (full of milk) and I don't find it for three days :throwup: I can throw it in the garbage.
  6. ^^^Thank you...that is exactly what I was thinking of!!!
  7. Perfect! I already got a pack of the new Nuby cups and I was looking for the Take N Toss at Target, but they only had the ones for toddlers (10 oz ones I think) - are there ones for infants?
  8. ^^ yes, there are 3 cup sizes.. 10 oz, 7 oz, and 5 oz. I started DD on the 5 oz because they're short and fat and are super easy to hold. Also, since they're short she learned to get into the habit of tilting the cup to bring the liquid to her lips instead of relying on sucking. Here's a link to the one's I'm talking about.
  9. The first sippy cups my sons figured out was Nuby. Get the silicone topped ones, they're the easiest for them to use.
  10. I agree that the take and toss cups are great first cups. A friend of mine had a really tough time with her DS taking a sippy and that was the one that finally worked for her.
  11. Another vote for the Nuby cups. We just started DD on trying out the cup and the Nuby one was the only one she liked.
  12. I think that if your baby is used to a bottle the nuby ones might be the way to go, but I know DD didn't know what to make of the soft spout so she just ended up chewing on it and spilling water all over herself.