Sinus surgery/rhinoplasty

  1. I have chronic sinusitis and have developed cysts in my sinus cavaties which cause me problems more often than not, i.e. constant post nasal drip and facial/jaw pain with sinus infections at least several times a year. Anyway, my ENT wanted to go in and perform surgery to clean out my sinuses (sorry to those of you with sensitive stomachs...I know it sounds really gross), but I haven't yet done it or even considered it too much.

    My question is do you think it would be possible to have sinus surgery and rhinoplasty done at the same time? I have a small bump in my nose that has always bothered me, but never did anything about it because it's really not very just bugs me that it's there. I don't want to have to go under general anesthesia for two surgeries on my nose if I don't have to, so has anyone ever had both done together or know anyone who has? I've been told by a lady I know that when she had hers done as a teenager they fixed her nose and did her sinuses at the same time and her insurance actually picked up a good portion of the bill. Just curious if doing both at the same time would up the risk of infection or anything.
  2. I am gonna go with no on that but I am not a doctor. Cause when they do that sinus surgery they just pass through the sinus cavity. Some people have this surgery every few years. Good luck.
  3. On my second round of differ antibiotics lets hope it goes away. It's gotten a bit better but still have to take Tylenol every 4 hours. :sad:
  4. I'm not sure if a septoplasty is the same as the sinus surgery you are talking about but I had both. My nose had been broken several times throughout my life and not only did it look different on the outside (crooked) but I had lots of trouble breathing. Every doctor I went to said I needed surgery to be able to breath properly. All of the surgeons I consulted said that they could just do a septoplasty or do a rhinoplasty in addition to the septoplasty. I opted for both and the insurance covered all of it other than my surgeon's extra fee for the rhinoplasty. Otherwise, the hospital fees, post-surgery medication, check-ups, everything was covered. He straitened my nose on the outside, straightened my septum, and widened my nasal cavities (I think this made the biggest difference). Now I can breath very comfortably and I love how my nose looks. Good luck OP!
  5. Well... Alexis on the Real Housewives of OC just had her sinuses and rhinoplasty done at the same time LOL!!

    Just ask your doctor. An ENT that I used to go to actually did facial plastic surgery also, and in that case it seems like it would be fairly easy for both procedures to be done under one anesthesia. If not, maybe your ENT could bring in a plastic surgeon.
  6. i had this done. the ent dr did the sinus surgery (plus septoplasty iirc) and a plastic surgeon did the bump & lifted the tip. it was done at the same time. my insurance covered all but the bump removal.
  7. Do you remember how much the bump removal was if you don't mind me asking?

    Lol about Alexis on RH:huh:C!!!
  8. ~1200. whole thing was 8k.
  9. Seeing this a bit late. I had cysts in my sinuses years ago as well as a badly deviated septum that blocked all my sinuses from draining, leading to a perpetual infection. I finally had the choice between having a port put in to do a couple of months of IV antibiotics or having a septoplasty and sinusotomy. I figured that since they were fixing the septum, enlarging drainage holes, etc., maybe I could have a rhinoplasty/tip revision at the same time (I think my nose is too pointy.) My ENT, who also trained in plastics, said no, but primarily on aesthetic grounds because he felt my nose was fine. I definitely got the impression that it certainly *could* have been done if he'd been willing. He said it would take longer under anesthesia also, so insurance would know that additional procedures would be done -- so there may be additional charges for OR time, anesthesiologist, etc. as well as the surgeon's time. I'd just go ahead and ask your surgeon, since it's going to largely be up to him/her. Oh, and if they aren't doing something cosmetic, even the septoplasty won't change how your nose looks -- all those Jen Aniston/Cameron Diaz stories about having just fixed a deviated septum are BS.

    BTW, in the 2-3 years after the surgery, I still had a bunch of infections and ended up having another sinusotomy a few years later to remove scar tissues and more cysts. Since then it's been way, way better, though, with maybe 1-2 infections a year.
  10. My sister had sinus surgery and a nose job at the same time because the doctor is a family friend. Insurance covered the medically necessary part and she paid him out of pocket for the rest (I'm not sure how much). Unfortunately, because he isn't a highly skilled plastic surgeon, her nose is smaller but now slightly crooked. She isn't going to get it fixed cause it's not that noticable.