Sinus problems (UGH)

  1. It seem like this past week sinus problems have hit really bad. My son, daughter and I all have the same thing, sinus pressure, congested or runny nose and sinus drip with coughing. They are on perscription medications for allergies and I am now taking Sudafed PM ( which seems to work). Is anyone else dealing with this? It's been raining here on and off and I think all the rain made it worse. I am going to go back to steaming my face a few times a day, that seems to do the trick but I feel totally miserable.:sad:
  2. I have had horrible sinuses since birth. Thank you dad for my genetics.
    I was told by a doctor to lose weight and to reduce the dust ie cleaning, changing sheets, ac filters on a regular basis. The other thing is for future reference when you feel that weather shift or you start to get a cold, thats when you should take care of yourself (I don't do this but I should) ie rest then, go to the Dr before the infection really takes hold and kicks your ass.

    In terms of the weight loss. I lost about thirty pounds and went from having a sinus infection every three weeks, to four sinus infections in one year. So of those four they all kicked my ass because i was no longer used to having the sinus infections.