singles on vday

  1. vday just makes us singles out there feel bad!!

    what is everyone doing this vday?
  2. I'm saying "Screw Velentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    I'm so over with today i'll just be going to school, then come back home and watch tv, then it's TPF time.
  3. ^^^ yeah, screw it!! LOL!

    I'm just working, tonight I'll go to the health club and that's all. Since it's so close, does that mean it will be a v-day weekend?? :thinking::hrmm:
  4. I'm indeed single, but I'm having a hard time mustering up any bitterness this year. When I think of the men I could have in my life right now, I can't help but think being single is the better choice!
  5. today I'm having my wisdom teeth I'm thinking that should work quite nicely as a distraction...
  6. Even I'm a single, I have my friends so it's fine with me...
  7. I don't feel bad at all!! I surprised my parents this morning with a bottle of champagne and a bouquet of flowers in pink and rose... :heart: But Valentine's day isn't really such a big thing here in Germany.
    Regina :tup:
  8. i've only had one boyfriend on a v-day.. which was YEARS ago.. and i've been single for a long time (i've lost count of the years! HA!) so for me v-day is just a regular day. I have to work today at my full time job and i have to work tonight at my part time job so that will keep me busy :smile:

    I sent my parents a v-day card and that's about it :smile:
    all of my friends are marriage or practically married so no "single girls night out" for me!
  9. I just kind of ignore it... Hope nobody is feeling lonely tonight! :sad:
  10. :woohoo: Same here:tup:
  11. I am trying to be blissfully unaware of V-day.

    Well, okay, scratch that, I'm trying to think of V-day as a family/friends appreciation day. :lol: I made my mother cupcakes, she got me a cute Burt's Bees wristlet with goodies inside.
  12. I'll be watching Lost and Eli Stone....much better than waiting around in some crowded overpriced restaurant to eat dinner.
    Unfortunately, none of my gfriends are single so i'll be watching with my dog and some chips.

    Happy single awareness !!
  13. :nuts: ohhmygoodness I forgot Lost was on tonight! Woohoo!
  14. I had an enjoyable v-day. I had a nice lunch with 2 guy friends, they then went shopping with me and later met up with some other friends for coffee. I probably wont do anything tonight though.
  15. disappointed no secret admirer showed up !!!!
    Otherwise I just had a "me" day, spent 6 hours to the hairdresser.