single stone ring

  1. i'm drawing a blank on a company that advertises/makes rings with single semi-precious (i think) fat, unfaceted stones on gold bands. very simple. the company starts with a "P" and for the life of me i cannot think of the name. can anyone help?
  2. palmetto, pa... pa... pa something.
  3. Pomellato
  4. THANK YOU La Van!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i saw a woman at lunch today with 3 rings on one finger and they looked just like those and it reminded me how much i always liked those and i wanted to do some research!
    thank you thank you.
  5. ^ Sounds so pretty!
  6. Have fun on your research.
  7. so far i'm drooling on their site. :smile:
  8. by the way La Van, you are good!
  9. i love pomellato, they make the most amazing rings.
  10. what do the rings start at, does anyone know?
  11. i don't know about all of them but the models i've seen start at about 2000 swiss francs, maybe a bit less.
  12. ^sputnik thank you so much! i'm going to have to look at these. they are so so pretty worn in multiples.
  13. HH, I've got the "Nudo" rings and earings... I have two rings, the amethist and green stone (can't remember the name) I'm aiming to get the third, I think the blue one, they look so nice together! I absolutely ADORE these rings, after my H bags they're what I love most! Here in Italy they cost about 1200 Euro each......I also like the "Baby" rings, they're similar but with brown diamonds on the band....I LOVE Pomellato!
  14. can anyone share pictures??