Single People Support Group

  1. Hopefully im not the only single person here :nuts: Anyway I thought it would be nice to have a thread where single people who don't want to be single can rant, seek advice, or get support on approaching that special someone :graucho:

    So here is my rant.
    I have been single wayyyy to long and Im getting bored, and lonely. :crybaby: Unfortunatly I am SHY so it is sooo hard for me to get any guys espessially in Japan where the men are pretty shy too unless they are sluts, usually :wtf: My shyness got in the way of what MAYBE could have been a boyfriend but turned into a ruined friendship (I can tell the whole story if anyone is interested) So besides that, Im not exactly the hottest girl in town. Im not ugly but Im on the short and chubby side and I dont have many features like big boobs or a nice butt that sends men running in packs. Most of the guys here who do like white girls like the "ideal" blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, skinny, types and I am brown hair, brown eyes, short, chubby. Another issue is I dont know where to meet guys, guys in school mostly have girlfriends, are gay, or are really huge jerks. Bars and clubs are obvious but for the most part really slummy creeps hang out there. I dont really think I am that picky as far as types, my friends always say I dont have a "type" (ie. i can find nerdy guys, businessmen, styish guys, normal guys, preppy etc etc etc guys all attractive) and the restrictions are mainly, not dirty, no downright horrifying ugly, not a creep, and no more than 10-15 years max older than me. Of course all the guys who do actually approach me have been dirty, old, or most often downright creepy as in stalker/rapist. :cursing:
    I know they are overrated but I NEED A MAN.

    If any read this...thanks and sorry for my patheticness :sweatdrop:
  2. I've been there! I'm one of the shyest people around in real life and I really believe that if it wasn't for the internet I would still be single!

    I met my BF online and we're still together nearly 4 years on :smile: Of course I met up with a few dodgy types too and I was always careful to meet in public places and not give out personal info etc, but there are some good ones around.

    I'm sorry you're feeling down about it, but don't sit and wallow.... go out and enjoy yourself with your friends and eventually you'll meet someone!
  3. yay glad to know people can relate!
    I have tried the online thing but never met with any in person yet. I have this fear as soon as they see me they will blow me off or even go as far as saying someting like "sorry but i cant be seen with you" which happened to someone I know. How bad were the dodgy ones? I recently was going to meet up with a guy but freaked out and stopped talking to him because I was worried about that (but he may not have been because he wasnt a native english speaker so language may have made him seem more "dodgy". I just worry about that alot being a small, young girl living alone.
  4. i'm single as well! I'm 21 and living in a college town, so meeting people isn't really a problem, but the issue i'm having at the moment is that i'm totally hung up on someone who's totally insane and may or may not be interested but has said it's not a good idea for us to date. try as i might, i can't get this guy out of my head - i got THAT feeling when i first met him, like i wasn't going to ever have to worry about dating again. and then he sort of flipped out and got all weird. so i have no idea what to do, because now when i meet someone new, i think "well, they're not as cool as he was..."

    i generally don't mind being single, i got out of a short relationship in february and haven't really been looking for anyone (i met the other guy randomly and he pursued me). since i met that guy, i'm starting to feel the itch again a little, but i'll probably wait until school is back in before i get back in the game (the under-30 population of this town doubles during the school year).

    this thread is a great idea, though! we have a lot of threads about marriages and relationships, but none about being single!
  5. I'm single!!! Im 25 and single and I barely DATE, lol. well i guess its not funny really. I am scared of relationships, i was in a serious relationship when i was younger we were even engaged!! And then he turned out to be the MOST TERRIBLE PERSON IN THE WORLD, but i was young and stupid and desperate to be in love:rolleyes:. But now I'm over it, I am in a rigorous program at school and i work my tail off, MY #1 priotrity is my future and im not willing to invest any time into a relationship. Ok so that is my whole deal, but honestly I also think I am really scared too, because i never want to be hurt and decieved like that again. I am waiting for mr right, and i refuse to settle. I am also kinda shy. I do meet men sometimes but i dont like most of them for some reason or another, lol
  6. Glamorous_Girl honestly men LOVE confidence!!! Yo need to think more of yourself, your a beautifu unique woman, be yourself and love yourself thats the only way you will get somone to love you too. Confidence is key. If your not happy with yourself make changes that make you feel better, but do it for yourself not for anyone else.
  7. This sounds a lot like me. I'm 28 and single and was in a relationship for a long time (7+ years) and it took me a long time to move on and realize that I deserve a lot better than how he was treating me. I definitely learned that I do not want to settle - I will compromise but I cannot keep giving 100% of myself when the other person barely makes an effort. I've been so busy lately between work and school that I haven't really had a chance to try to meet anyone. But now that I'm getting close to my 29th birthday I feel like there is so much pressure to get married and have kids. I've been thinking of joining an online dating site but haven't gotten up the courage for it yet :shame:
  8. I'm single and honestly I don't want a guy! I like my freedom and when you have a boyfriend you lose a lot of it. I like to have a little fun but nothing serious. What's really weird though is that I get hit on by guys that are way older then me more then I do guys that are around my own age. Creepy....LOL.
  9. haha...i guess i'm not the only one worried about not meeting the perfect man! lol
  10. I'm 35 and I'm single. I never date. I hardly ever am attracted to anyone and then if I find myself interested there's always some problem.

    I broke up with my ex over a year ago and moved back to New Orleans probably 8 months ago. It took me a while to break up with my ex too, so a good portion of the relationship I SHOULD have been single but I couldn't seem to get out of the relationship.

    When I start to think about how long it is since I've even been interested in someone I feel like a total weirdo, but I just don't get attracted to that many people.

    I meet guys through work as I work with a lot of lawyers and meet various other people through my job. There have only been a couple that I sort of found myself attracted to. One of them totally seemed like he was flirting with me and I started finding myself a little interested but it also felt weird to me since he didn't seem like my type. But then I still kept looking over to check him out and then thinking "what is wrong with me?" Of course then I found out I think he is married, so if that's true either I guess he wasn't really flirting or he was just a manwhore dog. I'm always so damn clueless. Either way I haven't seen the guy again anyway.

    I just spend time with my brother or with friends and I work a lot too, so I really don't care that I'm single. Sometimes I do sort of feel like there is something wrong with me that I never even date, but it's hard to meet people that are single and I would like to get to know better. I just can't make myself interested in someone if I'm not.

    Being single really isn't a bad thing though. As long as I'm not having some moment where I'm comparing myself with others and starting to question myself and think something is wrong with me for not having a man I really could care less. So my advice to the single girls is just don't worry about it and enjoy your life. You can't wait around for someone else to make you happy.

    I get hit on by bums and weirdos all the time. Seriously, I had a guy with no teeth at a barbeque who kept trying to offer me beer and stuff and another dude talking to himself downtown who said I was beautiful or something. So yeah, I always get interest from the wrong guys.
  11. Another single gal here. My last long term relationship ended about a year and a half ago, and I haven't had a special someone since. I still see my ex sometimes (he kind of doesn't want to let go but I don't really want to get back together), but for some reason I CANNOT find a guy!

    I'm 24 and I'm also short and chubby, brown eyes and hair and fair skin. I don't consider myself ugly and I have a nice rack or so I've been told LOL, but it seems everyone is taken nowadays! Or most won't look past the fact that I'm not a supermodel.

    So, I totally feel you Glamourous_girl. I've even tried online matchmakers but no one messages me. I wonder what the heck is wrong with me sometimes.

    I'm glad you started this thread! At least now we'll have one another to rant and listen and so on. Thanks and feel free to PM so we can both whine! LOL
  12. Hi Zophie! I feel like giving you a huge hug. I am single also but feel ashamed now because I am 34. My mother lost hope on me and she said that there must be something wrong with me that no man shows interest in me.
    I started another post in this section about upscale matchmakers and that I was on a hunt to find one. So far, I can't find one in Ontario. I did do a profile on eHarmoney but the matches were with a particular race that I am not fond of becuase of life experiences professionally and personally. When I did my profile, my selection was clear but I guess there are still ways for people (men) to lie and mislead anyone. I think maybe upscale matchmakers would ensure that you are set up with your particular interests and needs.

    I have tried searching on my own but I was in no rush to find anyone. If it happened, great! If it did not, that was okay because I am still young. The ones I did meet were the biggest losers or had some type of major defaults about themselves, example they cheated on their ex and thought it was nothing or have yellow teeth, like they did not brush it for a year....I could go on and on.

    It is a real bummer that I have lucked out so much.:sad:
  13. Oh count me in , currently at work all the ladies around my age are all getting married by years end , I am the only single on left .
  14. awww, hugs to you Purses! It's so easy to feel like we are a loser or something when everyone seems to be in relationships, but it really doesn't mean anything. My mom never teases me or anything but it still sucks sometimes. And then people always want to try to fix you up with someone and it never seems to work.

    Have you ever had someone tell you, "Oh, I know the perfect guy?" I had someone do that and the dude was a total dweeb. Then it made me think how do I come off if THIS is what you think is perfect for me???

    If it's any consolation though my brother is 30 and single, and as far as I know he's never had a girlfriend. He's not a loser but he's sort of shy and a little on the nerdy side. Still I think he has the coolest personality and we hang out all the time, which may also reduce my chances of meeting men. How do you meet a man hanging out with your brother all the time? So we just need to not worry about it. What happens, happens.
  15. Single and hating it checking in. Though I'm still in the angry-at-the-ex stage, so it's probably better that way. Sigh. I need to get over it, but I can't and it sucks, but that's a different thread I suppose.
    I have a "friend" who says he'll let me date him though if I take him to a football game this fall. He also asked me on the same night if I'd let him "touch" me if he bought me a drink. ::GAG::