Single Minded Must Haves


Jun 22, 2008
Well, the first time I saw a Francine I wasn't impressed. To be honest I thought they looked like unattractive bowling bags.
However, I seem to have been bitten by a bug. I now MUST HAVE ONE!! In fact, I'm looking at three in different colors though if I ended up with three my husband would have me committed.
I've spent the last few hours searching the forum on Francines and Luci's but there isn't exactly a wealth of information. Is this a commonly faked bag? Other then with the Whiskey is there a lot of issues with bubbling?

Are there bags you previously didn't care for but suddenly had to have?


Jul 19, 2009
Yes, I think they are adorable now! Check out the Courtney, very similar to the Luci and Francine. I would love to see them IRL though.


Feb 28, 2008
I have seen fake Francines but they looked like obvious fakes to anyone familiar with the style. Francine only came in a few colors...the 4 patent ones were mahogany, teal, winter white, and purple. The others were all metallic; the crinkly platinum metallic leather, and then later there were a few gold and dark bronze ones showing up at the outlets.

Luci was only produced in black or walnut legacy leather.


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Apr 27, 2009
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I have seen fake of both but mostly Francine this is because the Francine came in multi colors and and matierials... The Luci just came in Legacy Leather and two Color - Whiskey and Black..

The bags are mostly the same except for a few diff, such as the Francine has a shoulder strap and no back zipper and the Luci has no strap and the zipper... Now there is a large price difference the Francine is much more as a rule..

They are lovely bags and really worth having though the Legacy Leather ones are extremely heavy (this is coming from a person that has a Lindsey Shopper, Leigh and several other Legacy bags)... The Francine's that are Pnt Leather I a bit Lighter...