Single-Lid Woes* Eye Makeup for Asian Eyes

  1. Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to this forum so feel free to delete this post if it seems like it's already been posted. Basically, I wanted to open up this thread to any one with tips or tricks for doing eye-makeup on asian eyes... many of us asian girls can attest to the fact that the regular application process of eyeshadow and eyeliners that suit everyone else's face just don't quite match our single-lidded eyes cry*.

    I myself have had quite a few trials with makeup to bring out my eyes...when I apply eyeliner on top for instance, the eyelid just folds under itself, completely covering the eyeliner. so, it ends up looking like i haven't applied anything at all. and over time, that eyelid crease that folds under itself just rubs off the eyeliner there anyway. with eyeshadow, i don't have that wonderful "crease" that seems to be integral to emphasizing eyes.

    For now, I'm drawing a thick black eyeliner on top only. my eyelashes are literally 2mm long; too pathetic to deal with, really.

    anyone else on this forum feel the way i do? anyone have tips?

    btw, here are some photos of the gorgeous model du juan whose eye makeup i've been studying lately:
  2. Asian eyes always look so pretty with that heavy, smokey look. Hopefully somebody will have some tips for you!!

  3. You can try youtube!! I will find short video films of asiangirls explaining how to apply make up for asian. I discovered this by accident...

    regards, Amy
  4. Oh boy, do I feel ya on this one. I hate not being able to do the whole crease thing. :sad:
  5. hmm... I personally find that doing really strong black lining on single-lid eyes tends to look really strong, harsh, and unnatural especially in everyday life where strong makeup is not necessary. In the link you showed, I find pic 62 to be very charming. The more strongly you try to make the eyes look bigger, the smaller it will actually look, and the trick is to play with the lighter shadows (various shades of brown) such that you create more depth.
  6. I feel for you! I've Asian eyes but lucky me they're quite big :p

    I tried eyeliner before, but as you've said, it never works on my eyes too. I use a darker shade of eyeshadow on the corners to make them more "depth" (as CEC said) and a highlighter on the middle of the eyelips and the bow bones, then I apply lots of lengthening mascara. You can also try using a darker eyeshadow to line your eyes instead of a solid eyeliner that would look harsh on.

    It's fun to experiment!
  7. I've found that instead of eyeliner, you get better results using either a charcoal grey or dark brown eye shadow, applied with an angled brush. Apply along the edge eyelid, as you would eyeliner and then blend upwards. For the actual eye shadow itself, I've found I get better results with pinks and browns. Straying too far from natural colors just makes you look bad. So alas, no having fun experimenting at the MAC counter. :sad:

    You also have the same problem I have- short eyelashes. For that, you need an eyelash curler, and when you apply mascara, be sure to get the wand as close to the base of your eye as possible, and lift up. Do this several times so that you apply the mascara in layers, instead of one big clump.
  8. thanks !
  9. ITA!!:yes: I have a Chinese friend whose eyes don't have a crease, and she tends to draw a very thick, black line so that you can see it even when she opens her eyes. It looks ok when her eyes are open, but when she looks down, it's very startling. Too much black. Ick.

    I think Asian eyes, big, small, with crease, without...are all very beautiful. IMO, beauty is about the total package. Don't worry so much about trying to make your eyes look "white" or "big." Try some pretty, subtle shades. Taupe, grey, gold, and bronze can look great, especially on olive skin. :smile: