Single JUC or Love hoop earring on helix/tragus

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  1. Can anyone post photos of either the JUC single hoop or love single hoop earring?
    I would like to buy one to wear as a helix piercing but I won’t be able to try it on before I buy it.
  2. These are the earrings I’m referring to

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  3. I have the love mini hoop and it's pretty hard to open when it's on the ear. Better wait until you can have a try at the boutique. It's end up acting as the clasp of my necklace. But I want to get the juste un clou one as a charm for my necklace. Do you know the price range? My SA said it has not arrived at boutique yet.

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  4. Thanks for letting me know! I decided not to get it. Both single earrings cost $810 according to the website
  5. O
    Omg this is GENIUS! I love how this looks as a clasp! I want to copy this.

    I’ve also been dying to see how the tiny JUC hoop looks on an ear...
  6. Thanks for your kind words! I am also waiting for the clou hoop to arrive too. Cannot wait!!!
  7. Where are the rest of the charms from? You have to send the final pics when the JUC arrives!! Enjoy your masterpiece :heart:
  8. It's from a brand called Marla Aaron. I am not sure if the boutique in HK would carry this item:sad:Seems can only see it at the US site.