Single-handedly feeding the mosquito population...

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I hope that I can post this here...

    For the life of me, I can't figure out why I am the only person to get bitten by mosquitoes when I am hanging out with family and friends outside or somewhere with an open window. I do wear lotion, but I have to since my legs do get very dry, but it's always fragrance-free. I've even tried products like Off, but still get bitten. This might be gross, but I've attached a picture to show the four bites on one of my legs from this past weekend.

    Last summer, we were on vacation in Maine and the first time we sat by a campfire, I literally got bitten 20+ times and no one else got bitten. My DH sat there counting for me because I was so itchy! Needless to say, for the rest of the week, I had to stay indoors in the evening while everyone else got to sit by the campfire.

    I know that it's both kind of funny, but also sad. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks!

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  2. yikes. I started showering with carbolic soap and it seemed to turn off the mosquito's just a bit. although I did get bit twice in the same spot. It itches like hell.

    have you ever heard of Peppermint soap? I swear by it, it makes the itches not so itchy so they heal faster!
  3. SuLi, I am just like you!

    I have olive skin and always wondered if that was the reason. The scenario you described where you are bitten repeatedly and no one else gets one bite is the story of my life!! And like you said, it is not like you get 3 bites and no one else gets's 20+ bites and no one else gets bitten.

    A few years ago we lived in an area of North Carolina where the mosquitos were bad even during the day. I literally couldn't walk outside of my house for more than a few minutes without being covered in bites. At the time we looked at buying a "mosquito magnet" to see if it would cut down on our mosquito population, but we didn't follow through because we weren't convinced it worked.

    I feel your pain!!! :smile:
  4. They love my ankles! They stay away when I use OFF...try that
  5. i have heard it has something to do with your blood...(acid vs alkeline...) sorry for wrong spelling.
    usually mosquitoes just attack one person of the group. usually they prefer babies...girls over boys....i feel your pain. i only get a pass with the mosquitoes if my mom is in the room.
  6. Oh ick, I'm right there with you guys- I'm actually embarrassed to wear capris/shorts right now, because my ankles look like something has been chewing on them. I slather myself in bug spray/cream, and it still does nothing. They'll go after my daughter too, but only if I forget to spray her, and my husband might get one all summer. It's awful- I can't go outside in my backyard for 5 minutes without getting bitten. Partly it's because I'm pregnant, I think, but I have the same problem when I'm not, just not as badly!

    Aside from being mosquito bait, I think part of the problem is my neighbor's yard- they have this very bizarre vegetable garden set up, and there are buckets/dishes/watering cans everywhere (it's an awful mess, really). I've gone through everything in our yard that could hold any standing water and there's nothing- I feel like I should sneak over there at night and dump everything I can find.

    I wish I had some helpful advice, but I'm in the same boat, and at my wits end- they totally drive me nuts!
  7. The peppermint soap is available at any Health foods store.

    highly recommended. The itching will diminish and your body will smell pepperminty! :smile:
  8. Use Deep Woods Off? The one with the higher levels of DEET.

    It has something to do with your blood and body chemistry.
  9. I dont enjoy going outside for the exact reason as you. The mosquitoes LOVE me! I could be standing with anyone outside and they would only be bothering me. Its frustrating. I dont enjoy walking the dogs or camping. When we have bonfires, I stay indoors. Im not anti-social, I just dont enjoy being eaten alive.
    Someone told me once that they love me because I dont eat meat. Another said that it's cause I eat bananas. Whatever the case, I cant get rid of them.
  10. Mosquitoes love me too! Even when I can't SEE any mosquitoes I still come home with bites! WTF! I hate it, it's been like this my whole life! And they bite me in the stupidest places... on my knuckles, between my fingers, on my temples... and on my toes... omg its so awful when you get bites on the tops of your toes!!!!!! lol damn mosquitoes!
  11. Ugh I HATE mosquitoes... they loooove me!!!! :hrmm: lol
  12. I'm the exact same way - I went to a cookout on Saturday in a dress and I have at least a dozen mosquito bites. I have two in the same spot, right on top of my left kneecap. Those are the worst, yeesh. I'm very pale and so is my mom, we always thought that was the reason they liked us, but maybe now. I hear it has to do with blood type? I'm O+.
  13. Me too, and so is my one nephew and he also gets devoured (I counted the other day-- 18 bites on his poor little legs!)... That's an interesting theory!
  14. #14 Jul 6, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
    Thanks for the advice! I'm going to stop by Whole Foods to pick some up later. I've seen the brand before -- I hope it doesn't dry the rest of my body out too much.

    I've been slathering on Cortizone because it feels refreshing, but my legs are totally itchy. I really want to scratch them, even though it's not very ladylike. It is definitely embarrassing wearing shorts or dresses, but DC summers are awful, and I avoid wearing long pants.

    I'd love to find out why mosquitoes go after certain people. I sense a Google search....

    UPDATE: Here are two quick links: and
  15. Interesting. I'm O+ too, but that's a pretty common blood type, isn't it?