Single Flap vs. Double Flap

  1. Which design do you prefer?

    I'm hearing pros and cons of each but any bag will have it's pros and cons:noworry: .

    I can't decide which I like better..

    I like that the single flap is a "different" design but the double is just stunning, everytime I look at it!

  2. well.. depending on which size you prefer.. the large and jumbo flaps come as singles only.. the medium and small ones come in double.. the elongated ones come in single, as well as the washed lambskin and other seasonal lambskin bags are also singles...

    so if you're talking about getting a non-elongated classic double flap VS a single strap single flap elongated quiled bag... then it really depends on which you prefer. I love the double flap because more leather is always good, and it's less likely your stuff are exposed for the world to see maybe?

    Single flap elongated bags have a more casual look.... so it's up to you.. =) plus.. single flap is cheaper.. SO.. it has it's good points.. =)

    hope that helps! (and please correct any of the above if i'm wrong..)
  3. What is the difference between double flap and single flap?
    Is there a price difference?
  4. interesting question! cant wait to know the difference!
  5. :blink: ?? Are you being sarcastic? I want to know what other differences between the two bags besides the flaps. Maybe I wasn't clear on my original question.
  6. My reissue is a double flap and my caviar jumbos are single flap. The single seems easier to use.
  7. I am not 100% sure but I think there's a price difference (single flap is less expensive). I also think that single flap bag is longer. So, it looks not as boxy as double flap but more rectangular. Hope I am making sense.
  8. I think all of the traditional flaps are doubleexcept the jumbo which was designed so you'll have more room they made it a single flap.
  9. I've seen small bags with just one flap, so it's not just the Jumbo size (I didn't know the Jumbo size was single flap...:oh:...good to know!).
  10. is the double-flap also available in Jumbo size ?
    as i know so far the largers one is 25 cm long/wide..:rolleyes: .correct me if i am wrong :yes: coz i keep getting diffrent measurement from diffrent Chanel SA :Push:
  11. :yes:
    Yes, there is a jumbo size that is about over 30cm ( length). Yes, you are correct , the large double flaps are 25cm long
  12. Hi Everyone,

    I apologize if this is a really simple and stupid question, but I'm a bit of a newbie to Chanel and I'm trying to learn as fast as I can. From looking at photos, I've noticed bags with one flap and others with two. Are the two flaps available in certain colors/styles only? Sorry if this is a redundant question...if anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it.

    I just got the large classic flap in the black caviar leather this past weekend and LOVE LOVE LOVE it...but now, I'm already scoping out my next purchase (this is going to be one EXPENSIVE addiction!) and couldn't help but figure out the differences. I should have asked at the Chanel boutique but I was so mesmerized by the bag that I got that I didn't really bother to ask too many questions.

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  13. I think it does depending on the size.

    for the Chanel classic flaps:

    E/w: single flap
    mini : single flap
    Small: double flaps
    medium: double flaps
    Jumbo: single flap

    Reissue size 226 and 225 ( i only have one reissue in size 226 so I am not sure about the other sizes) : double flaps
  14. Thanks so much for your help. I had no clue it depended on the size.

    Are there any pros/cons to having a double flap vs a single flap?
  15. I like the double flaps - all of my flap bags (classic and reissues) have the double flaps...though I rarely snap the inside flap, I just like it - part of the Chanel-ness for me.:smile: