***SINGLE FLAP finds***

  1. Where are these bags please?
  2. Saks indiana, pm if you like my sa info.
  3. Jolene is great! Email her jdcarper@gmail.com Saks Indiana

    She has plenty of single flap classics!
  4. anyone know where i can find a gray caviar medium classic?
  5. Probaby on reseller site.
  6. ^^Grey caviar is so hard to find. Too bad its easier to find the reissue grey with ghw.
  7. Black caviar single flap maxi with silver hardware available in Chamonix (France) for 2700 euro. My SA told me that the bag will go up to 3110 euro tonight. PM me for info
  8. Sorrryyyy double post!!
  9. Looking for Black Caviar Jumbo with SHW! Please PM with details if possible ty!
  10. Helli, still new to TPF, but I love everyone one here. I am looking for a single flap or may double reissue in black caviar, but would take lambskin. I would really love a gray though, and I prefer SHW. I am from a small town so I have to purchase by phone or email. THank you.:smile::smile:
  11. Hi Virginiamb! What size were you looking for?
  12. I think it is the 227. I hope I got that right:smile:
  13. I'm looking for a single jumbo flap in any color besides black, please pm me. Thanks!
  14. There was a brown caviar single flap at BG as of a couple days ago
  15. If anyone is interested in red caviar single flap maxi from 2010 fall $3700.00 PM me for SA details (serious buyers only please):ghi5: