Single Edith shoulder-strap?

  1. Is it possible to buy a single shoulder-strap for my Edith? :confused1:
  2. Nobody knows?

    I would like to "pimp" my Edith with a shoulder strap for carrying it easier....
  3. I kind of doubt it...but it's possible! You should call Chloé, if you go on there's a directory. I wouldn't bother emailing them though, I email them about things like this sometimes and they NEVER get back to me! :roflmfao::p
  4. Ok, I am bringing this thread back because I'm curious too. I saw on LVR they are now selling them with shoulder straps. I would like to buy one separately for my Whiskey Edith. I'm pg, and don't want to have to lose my handbags when the baby comes.
  5. Congrats, Sanguar! Motherhood is amazing, and no, you won't have to give up your bags! :yes:
  6. Thanks! I'm just concerned about needing my hands elsewhere.