Singing the Praises of the Papillon 30

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  1. Hi guys, just a quick post to say that I've finally fallen for a LV bag - the Damier Papillon 30 :love: Just got it from Elux today and it's perfect. I had the Damier Alma and ended up returning it because I couldn't get over having to carry it in my hand or on my wrist. But the Papillon 30 can be easily carried on your shoulder under your arm or slung on your back. It's so easy to run around with, and IMO looks a bit more casual than most of the Damier bags. I'd post pics but I know that most people have seen this bag before. But I have to say if you're a stickler for bags you can carry on your shoulder, the Papillon 30 is a great choice!
  2. congratulations.....glad to know you love it :lol:
  3. Congrats! Isn't it nice to find a bag you truly love? :love: Enjoy it!
  4. Enjoy your new bag! Glad you LOVE it so much!!!
  5. The papillons are awesome. Congratz.
  6. Damier was the right choice! It's way more discreet! The papillon is a Vuitton classic.
  7. Congrats!
  8. Congrats! That is a great bag! Enjoy!
  9. It doesn't bother you that it will lose it's shape? Especially if you wear it on your shoulder, underneath your arm. You'll eventually squish it.
    Plus there aren't any compartments so it's hard to find your keys in a hurry or your phone while it's ringing.
    I bought one for my girlfriend and we ended up returning it.
    The bag isn't practical.
  10. Pics please! Congrats!
  11. Hi, these are definitely valid concerns, but the bag works out fine for me actually. My keychain is HUGE, between school and work and home and car I have 15 or so keys, so I can't lose my keys in a bag even if I try. And I pretty rarely use my cell phone during the day, mostly at night (when I'm using a smaller bag) and at home. Plus the cute lil accessories pouch holds anything I need to get access to quickly. I actually have been wearing the bag on my back, like in the picture, so the squish factor isn't a big deal either. I love it, though I could see being annoyed by the things you mention. It just works for me :amuse:

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  12. that looks great on you! damier is my favorite for the papillon!
  13. Goes nice with your jacket! :smile: Like your Citizens, btw.
  14. Very Cute!
  15. I have an older papillon, if you take care of it, keep it stuffed when not in use, it should do fine.