Singing the New Hermes Blues . . .

  1. So I went to my local boutique here in ALASKA just to pick up the blue Giverney PM mousse scarf (thanks for showing us one, Rose and tods 123)that I had them transfer from another boutique so I could send it to my mother for her birthday. Well, you know how they have something in the air in those boutiques that somehow hypnotize you :borg: so that the next thing you know you are leaving with a big old bag full of orange boxes? Well, not only did I pick up the blue mousse for my mom, but I caught blues fever really bad while I was there and picked up a few other blue items. Can I share them with you?
    Full Orange Bag.jpg
  2. Ohhhhh, please share with us! So exciting!!!!
  3. Yes yes yes! Share! Let's see what you got. How exciting!
  4. Another reveal in progress! :nuts:
  5. Yes yes yes PLEASE do!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Sorry, guys, no pictures of the blue Giverney mousse to show you. I had to ship that off to my mother right away before I got too used to it. But of course, a scarfie like me couldn't leave without picking up a little scarf for herself . . .
    Open Scarf Box.jpg
  7. OMG!!!!! HURRY, Maggie........I've got to get to the gym!!!!!!! (this is so exciting..............)
  8. refresh......refresh.......refresh.........refresh......
  9. Please don't tease us! I got to go soon, too!!!!!!!!
  10. Shopmom, I promise you this is going to be good. Those hips can wait until tomorrow. . .
  11. OK, OK. Enough tease on the scarf. Here's my newest member of my scarf collection--helping me out with singing the blues.
    Tokyo Scarf-full.jpg Tokyo Scaf-title.jpg
  12. And me, struggling to stay awake in antihistamine-induced haze...
  13. Yum yummy color! Just gorgeous!

    Now stop teasin and get to the Big Box!!
  14. That scarf just isn't enough excitement for you on a Friday night? You want to see what's in the other box too?