Singing the Blues...

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  1. Meet my 30cm Turquoise Mysore birkin:heart::heart:.... shown with her BJ Togo 30 cm sister behind.

    Mysore is such a great leather to see, the grains are finer then Coromandel, and it's really light.


    PS: pardon the un-made bed...
  2. Wow! archangel, she is Stunning!!! I LOVE that color - what gorgeous leather!!!!! A perfect combination -

  3. Congrats, archangel. :smile: With the bags side by side you can really see the differences between the leathers...both are gorgeous, but different. :smile:
  4. Congrats!
    Oh, please side by side take a pic of your jaune one as well!
    Enjoy her she's gorgeous!
  5. WOW! WOW! WOW!

    That turquoise baby is out of this world!!!!!! I love it! Turquoise in Mysore has to be one of my absolute fav colors!

    Enjoy it!!! It's gorgeous!:drool:
  6. Archangel ~ S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!!!!

    P.S. Please post these in the color section.
  7. GREAT color
  8. wow that is a very special color. Was that a SO?

  9. Now that is some serious eye candy! Congratulations! Just beautiful!
  10. archangel!!!!! You're killing me with this photo!!! OMG! I cannot do BJ but I can most certainly do Turquoise! Fantastic choice!

  11. LOVE your birkins!!!!!!!!
  12. Wow, it's really stunning!! What a beautiful color, congratulations!!
  13. wow arcangel! your collection is fabulous. please do post a "bathtub" or some such pic of your collection sometime! :drool:

    i love turquoise! our store got a 35 swift turquoise and it flew out quickly! great color.
  14. Beautiful bags!!! Congrats!!!

  15. Yes, archangel. Yes Yes Yes. Would like to see it there.