1. Aiesha 002.jpg That is lovely , It looks like my honey colored spy, but it says it has silver hardware, mine is gold, I adore her she is my BABY!:heart:
  2. absolutely delicious!!!!!

    thank you for sharing! it looks even more edible in a real pictures as it does in the pic from NM!

    *sigh* i want a spy! :girlsigh:
  3. I love the honey color.
  4. i'm in love with it!
  5. I love that bag in a completely unhealthy way, when you get one , it really truthfully does live up and beyond your expectations ... it is so comfortiable, versitle and practical... it becomes like an addiction!
  6. is the honey color an orange or a brown? i love it!
  7. I'd say it's more like a tan with orange-y undertones. The two brown spy colors are cognac and chocolate.
  8. You should see if you could find one on eBay for a good price if you don't want to spend the $2,000. But it is a gorgeous bag!