singer22, shopbop new york.

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  1. hey

    can anyone give me the addresses of these two shops? i want to visist when i go to nyc on friday, but i cant find the address. i found one for singertwntytwo lol but i dont trust if its the right one!!

    i wouldn't bother to be honest, there's nothing really that they sell that you couldn't find on manhattan (assuming that's where you're staying) and they seem to be rather far away!

    shopbop is located in WI and as far as i know don't have a physical store.
  3. i agree. i wouldn't bother going to great neck. spend time exploring manhattan instead. there's so much good shopping in soho, nolita, east village, chelsea, etc. etc.
  4. Go to Topshop! That is, assuming you aren't hailing from England!
  5. haha oh! thanks everyone :smile:

    im actually from london but live in the netherlands. thanks for the advice ladies!