Singer22 Coupon Code

  1. Does anyone have any Singer22 discount codes? I really want to get a M&C leather jacket and I was hoping for a little discount. Thanks.
  2. Here's one for 10% off: celeb10

    I would check to see if Tobi has the jacket. They have a 20% off code: FASHION20
  3. Thanks jordy. =)
  4. Beware of Singer22's return policy. They will only issue a store credit. I too, was looking for a mike & chris and the best deal I found was at with the 40% off coupon (jacket40, and better return policy). All in all, I ended up ordering a S.W.O.R.D. jacket from with the 20% off mentioned above because it was irking me that the Grant jacket I was eyeing didn't have pockets. personal preference....
  5. Ah yes, especially when it comes to expensive items I would be careful ordering from Singer22 unless you see something else you would like if you don't like what you purchased..I almost purchased a handbag from there a bit back but caught myself when I realized I could only get store credit if I didn't like the way it sat.
  6. Thanks everyone for the tip. I wanted to order the Maxwell leather jacket and it wouldn't allow me to apply the coupon code. I guess it's because it's a preorder. After hearing about their return policy, I really don't think I am going to order from them. I guess I'll just wait until the M&C Sale in April.
  7. honestly, i wouldnt recommend waiting for a leather jacket at the M&C sample sales. I've been to the past 2 and was able to get leather pieces each time, but I definitely dont know what i was thinking b/c it was not worth it. The sales have been getting progressively worse. It was SUPER crowded and hot. Also, prices are getting higher and higher (at the 1st sale, i scored leather vests for $50. at the 2nd sale, they were $400). In order to get a leather jacket, you have to either 1) get there 1-2 hours before the sale starts on the 1st day and even then, all the leather is grabbed in a matter of seconds or 2) stalk the women who have leather jackets, pray that the jackets dont fit them, or beg for their castoffs. And at $500 per leather jacket, it's not that even a great deal. Compared to coupons that you can use online, you can score a M&C jacket for much less. I'd suggest being familiar with a few styles and how you fit in them and being vigilant about M&C online. I love M&C, but I'll never go to another sample sale again.
  8. wow...for real, tPF is the BEST! thanks to you all, i decided against ordering from singer22 and am also waiting and praying to find the jacket i want in my size (jesse in a small! :yes:)...but in the meantime, i purchased the grant in the indigo color from shopzane with the coupon i discovered through you wonderful people!! :happydance: i just got an email that the jacket has been shipped and i can't wait to wear it!! thank you, THANK YOU!!! :hugs:

  9. Thanks for the shopzane code!