Singer Robbie Williams Checks Into Rehab

  1. TUESDAY FEBRUARY By Courtney Rubin

    British singer Robbie Williams has entered rehab, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

    "Robbie Williams has today been admitted into a treatment center in America for his dependency on prescription drugs," his spokeswoman, Bryony Watts, said in a statement.

    The pop star, who turned 33 on Tuesday, currently lives in Los Angeles.

    This is not his first time seeking help: In 1997 he checked into Clouds House Drink and Drugs Rehabilitation Clinic in Salisbury, England, for alcohol and drug addiction, and in October 2006 he was treated at London's The Priory for depression.

    Williams is one of the UK's most successful solo artists, but his most recent album, Rudebox, which received mixed reviews, was not released in the U.S.
  2. why don't we just save ourselves the trouble and send every celebrity in the world to preemptive rehab.
  3. Fame/lots of money doesn't = happiness.
  4. Yeah i guess i should of just waited to do one huge group posts of them all. :s
  5. aww i love robbie, went to see him last sept and believe hes hit a very 'down' point in his life. you could tell when he was on stage how touched he is to see what hes achieved and his last album flopping along with take thats recent sucess after reforming without him has hit him hard.
    I feel sorry for him, i love robbie!
  6. Good for Robbie Williams.

    I like the fact that celebrities are going to rehab isn't as secret as it is anymore. Verne Troyer (he was Mini Me) went back to rehab in December.

    [SIZE=+1]Verne Troyer returns to rehab[/SIZE]
    Philippine Times
    Sunday 31st December, 2006

    Actor Verne Troyer's long-running battle with alcohol continues as he checked himself into a treatment centre near his Michigan hometown after suffering a relapse.

    Said Elena Fondacaro, his manager: 'Verne was in rehab and now he's in outpatient therapy.

    'Alcoholism is an illness that comes and goes ... and Verne realised he was slipping. He decided to go back to rehab because he's determined to maintain his sobriety.'

    In 2002, Troyer nearly died of alcohol poisoning after being distraught following a break-up with Genevieve Gallen, his bride for two months, reported

    Fondacaro added: 'He'll be back in Los Angeles to resume work by mid-January. He's determined to stay sober.'

    It makes them more admirable, because it shows they're human, and they have problems just like everyone else.
  7. I hope he gets this situated in rehab. Best of luck to him.
  8. Seriously! :yes:
  9. All the best for his treatment and recovery. BTW, LOVE his music...great on the treadmill!
  10. Even though the video to it is disgusting, but I love the song Rock DJ!

    "Me with a floor show, kickin' with your torso / Boys gettin' high and the girls even more so . . . "
  11. All I can say is: Finally.