Singer Craig David walking around shirtless in Miami

  1. Sorry I meant to say "shirtless" lol
  2. *~*LMAO!!! Best thread title ever!!! ;) I've always thought he was cute, but who knew he had a body like that?? DAMN... :love: Thanks for starting this thread Sassys!!*~*
  3. LMAO!!! First laugh of the day!!! I was just thinking about him the other day, wondering what ever happened to him!! Read thread title and initially thought oh no!!! He must be homeless and walking around in *hit and stuff... Lol!!!!!!
  4. **in my Shenaynay voice** water was glistenin' all over his boooodddyyy.....
  5. :lolots:
  6. title ever..I'll get a mod to fix
  7. yummy!

    ummm, what is he doing these days that he can drive around in a Porsche?
  8. rofl.
  9. Wow, did he move to US? I must be so out of the loop, lol!
  10. Probably a rental lol, but OMG.. he is hot!!!
  11. more

    I must get me a Brit :graucho:
  12. he almost has that Myles Austin grin going on...
  13. Naw...His teef are perfectly straight...almost Hilary Duff-like... Miles looks like you'll need a tetanus shot if you get caught on it...
  14. Milk does a body good!
  15. Great body and a cute British accent. Sign me up!