Singer Cassie

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  1. I guess she is trying to change her image?........I don't know how I feel about it.........Thoughts?

  2. The haircut is weird and a little "shock-factor" for my tastes. I don't have much respect for style-over-substance image stunts, on celebrities or anyone else.

    However, she is absolutely gorgeous and has perfect bone structure. Having the short hair really shows off her elegant face.
  3. :huh: i can't believe she would do such a thing!
  4. is she trying to copy that model girl Alice Dellal???
  5. ew is she serious??? I think she's just desperate for attention. I don't recall any of her songs besides "Me and U" or whatever.
  6. i dont know why she reminds me of Kanye in the last pic. She is beautiful regardless though
  7. i agree that it's a cry for attention. she is too pretty for this kinda foolishness :tdown:
  8. gorgeous face
  9. I see the rocker direction she's going for but I'm not feeling it. It's not even a cute cut. She should have cut it really low on the side but not OFF so that she could put designs in it. KWIM?
  10. I hate it. She is a beautiful girl and probably get away with anything but its not even interesting, I agree with others its just to get attention
  11. O-M-G ... why? why?
  12. She didn't cut it as so much shave it for effect. It's a statement, alright.
    I like it in a fierce, so cool right now, maybe not on Sunday when I have to go to Church.

  13. mmmhmm, that would have looked better.
  14. ugh, I hate it!
  15. on another note ... i love her nails, lol.
    but the hair is hideous.