Singapore's Great Singapore Sale

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  1. ok so i just arrived in singapore, and in one the hotel brochures it says that Singapore's Great Singapore Sale is now on till July 22, 2007.

    This is my first time here...

    What good deals can I find??!

    Thanks in advance!!! (from me, not my wallet :P)
  2. I don't know what kind of sales there are but I would like to know what you find!! I'll be in Singapore in 3 weeks. Happy shopping!!!
  3. maybe this webpage ca help you:
    I loooove Singapore, been there three times so far, and love the Great Singapore Sale even more. Enjoy your time there gals!:wlae:
  4. Let me know what grat deal u find
  5. Awww, please let us know what great deals you find! I would :heart: to go to Singapore!
  6. Wow this is great info, I will be there end of June through mid July. I will be sure to post any spectacular finds.
  7. ^ FYI, my mom received the card from dior today on when the private sales would be - it's on 6th & 7th June. I'm not sure what lines would go on sale, but if you're interested, just pop by any of the 3 branches in orchard road.
  8. go to orchard road (takashimaya, Shaw Lido and Paragon), they have the designer boutiques like LV, Chanel, Dior, Gucci and Coach etc.

    and many shops are having sale
  9. the designer brands usually have stuff on sale for the Great Singapore sale.....Gucci, Dior etc......they're usually pretty good :biggrin: