singapore's first chloe store!

  1. hi all! just in case this hasn't been brought up... chloe just opened their first store in singapore last week! i went there this afternoon and tried on a couple of bags.. its located in Ngee Ann City next to Stuart Weitzman.. they have the Bay bag in purple.. paddingtons and minis.. they even have the new ones with the clear plastic looking lock instead of the gold lock that is typically from chloe paddingtons..

    they also have some bags that the SA informed me were normally VIP bags.. but since the store just opened and has no clientele base as yet they are selling them to the public.. and since all bags and clothes are current season there will be no end of year sale for Chloe! :hysteric:

    hope this information helps! i don't really know the names of the other bags.. so unfortunately i cant name them! sorry..
  2. How exciting! Now there is even another place to check. I wonder what the VIP bags are all about? How do you get to be a VIP? How are they better than the regular bags? Just curious, of course. Thanks for the update!!!
  3. they were limited edition bags.. hobo style with a woven handle.. came in calf skin or python in metallic silver or black.. honestly it wasnt that exciting.. the SA told me that because it was a new store the VIP bags were available to the general public.. but in other parts of the world they are only available to VIP customers. didnt ask for the style name sorry! it was quite a mediocre style anyways
  4. Whoa danger danger Will Robinson!
  5. that's exciting to hear! i'll be back in singapore in a week, can't wait :smile:
  6. They even had the new paddy with the transparent lock going for US$2400. Absolutely gorgeous!!
  7. yeah!! haha.. but somehow i thought it takes the class away from the signature paddys..
  8. Hi,

    Does this store stock See by Chloe clothes? I am looking for a tank top from that range. Thanks. :shame: