Singapore tPFers - Is it worth making a trip to Balenciaga in the next week or so?

  1. (sorry if this is in the wrong thread!)

    Hi fellow tPFers in singapore:

    Does anyone know what sort of stock is available in the SG Balenciaga store? I'll be in SG for a couple of daysnext week, and is wondering if it's worth making a trip to the store?

    How much is the City with GSH retailing for in Singapore at the moment? I'm contemplating getting a 07 black city with GSH, but would prefer picking it out myself if possible, because of the differing opinions on how jet black the color is.

    I tend to buy my bags from CultStatus in Perth, so tend to pay higher than US prices anyway :push: . Should I just take the plunge and order one from BalNY?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. in SIN, a city with GSH retails for SGD2699 if i remember correctly but when i went to the store a few weeks back they didn't have any stock of any black city bags.

    think the best would still be to order through BalNY, especially with the weaker USD.

    if i were you i would give it a miss cos there is really little variety in SIN for their bags, even though they have good customer service.
  3. Thank you!

    Yeah that's a bit pricey. I'll email BalNY then!
  4. I would still visit the store to check out the styles and colours though. Singapore is about the same as Australia now as the exchange rate is so good now and plus you get the 5% tax back at the airport. If you are buying from bal NY then ask them so send asap as you are going to get taxed and I think that you can still claim the 10% gst back when you leave the country. Have a great trip!
  5. Thks water daisy!

    I will probably not get a delivery on time before I leave Melbourne, however, I do have my mogano city's 10% gst to claim for this trip :graucho:

    Good thinking!
  6. I was just window shopping at Hilton last nite (21nov) and the shop was already closed.
    But from what i can see outside, there is a Black GSH WE, Ivory RH Work (which had been there a few months back already), Pine and Violet RH City or PT i'm not sure, can't differentiate the sizes from the window.
    And also some Red GGH hobos hanging on the wall i think.

    Giant WE is S$ 3499, RH WE S$2799, GH Work S$2899, if i remembered the prices correctly. :p
  7. Thanks shopboy!

    Those prices are similar to what I pay in australia :yucky:.

    I am pining my hopes on the S/S 08 Magenta then - at least I can get it direct from Bal NY because Cult Status is not bringing any GSH in magenta :sad:

    What's on your list for 08? ;)
  8. Ok, let me see..... :graucho:
    Turq Work/WE (rh/gsh)
    Sky Blue Work/WE (rh/gsh)
    Electric blue GSH WE
    Sahara GSH WE
    Realistically, i'll just need 1 of the blues and Sahara. But i'll have to see them IRL to decide.
    I'll love a Magenta RH WE but i doubt i can pull it off no matter how gay i am! :lol:
  9. Shopboy - what do u do and where do u work? I would love to see your violet WE in person ;)
  10. Hello there,
    Do note GST in Singapore is now 7%, so you get 7% back at the airport when you leave. A little cheaper, not as cheap as Aloha Rag, but you get to pick the leather you want :smile:
  11. Ok so I made a trip to Bal SG today, and nothing interested me :sad:

    They had a mastic giant hobo with GSH, violet brief with GSH, black weekender with SGH, violet step with RH, pine work, tomato day with GGH, rouille day with GGH and when I asked if they had anything else, the SA took out a plomb giant hobo with GGH. I was quite disappointed because I wanted one with GSH. The leather on the plomb looked amazing.

    They had 30% off the accessories and small clutch (don't know the name of the style).

    All in all, I'm glad I got to try on the giant hobo :p - I love it so much I think I'll get a BG Giant hobo in GSH! The step was a lot smaller than I expected, and the brief will be a great office bag.

    Think I'll order a black city from Bal NY now!
  12. ooooh what did the clutch look like?
    their accessories are so limited tho :/
  13. thanks for the update, JadeLeaves. may i ask how tall you are? if i'm not wrong the hobo is bigger than the city. how about the brief against the city? did you try it by the handles on the shoulders? sorry, many questions :blush:
  14. I'm 1.68m. The giant hobo is slightly bigger than the cty, and the brief is definitely bigger than the city AND hobo.

    I tried the brief on my shoulders, and whilst it sat a lot better than the city, I preferred the hobo because it sat a lot better on my shoulders. I tend to carry my city with the strap, or in the crook of my arm, never by the handles on my shoulders (envy all of you skinny girls who can carry your city on your shoulders - yes pluiee ;) you with your gorgeous BG City! :p )

    The clutch, and I don't even know if it's the right name for it, is sort of like an evening purse with a clasp on top, and a wrist strap. I think they had it in the bleu glacier and a rose? I didn't really pay much attention because they didn't take my fancy. They had b*gger all accessories, and I was quite disappointed because I wanted a coin purse!

    I forgot - they had a jaune work too I think.

    Just one thing - they don't display all their motorcycle bags, so make sure you ask them if they have others in the back ;) - I had to ask a few times before the SA "remembered" that they had a rouille day with giant hardware and the plomb hobo!
  15. JadeLeaves, do you know whether they have Tomato RH city?
    Hows the leather like on the hobo?
    Is the colour on GH any different to the RH?
    I am in love with Tomato and trying to get RH :p but worried the colour of GH differs to RH..

    TIA :heart: