Singapore Stams?

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  1. I just moved back to Singapore not too long ago and I'm not quite sure where the best place to get a Stam would be. I went to the Marc by Marc Jacobs store to ask, but even the SAs seemed confused. They named a bunch of possible locations but were very vague about it. Then, somebody else told me to look at On Peddar.

    Does anyone know where my best bet would be?
    Club 21 at Four Seasons?

    I'm a Club 21 member so if I can get it there (or at any boutique under Club 21), that would be best!
  2. Nevermind, ignore this thread.
    I found out that Club 21 at Four Seasons has them. =)
  3. k good luck with your search!
  4. wonderful Faye! i am currently looking for this bag as well. Any idea how much are they selling them at CLub 21? thanks lots!

  5. Not Faye, but I did check it out at On Pedder last year and the mark up was huge. I ordered mine from NAP and it was much cheaper even after shipping.