Travel Singapore shopping vs Australia?

Jan 4, 2006
i live in aust but will be in s'pore for 8 days.
what's better/cheaper in s'pore vs aust? esp designer stuff?
cos i don't have much shopping time..


Sep 23, 2006
Toronto, ON
I think currency wise they're both comparable? IMO, Australia is cheaper. I went to the Zara in Singapore and was shocked at how high the prices were!

Also, in general, Aus has different stores that we'd find in the West while Singapore has most of the same.
Jan 4, 2006
tho australia doesn't even have zara...
but yeah it does seem expensive huh? ah well... maybe i'll just eat instead of shopping


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Nov 4, 2006
Looking for happiness...
In terms of the prices it used to be much cheaper (LV and all) since our dollars were stronger than Sing $
However, since our AUD$ now has gone down the drain and the fact that Sing $ worths more, it is more expensive to buy high end items..

but for your consideration, what we have available here aren't as nice compared to the stocks S'pore has..

So perhaps that can justify the spending - and enjoy the vast variety of foods S'pore has :biggrin: everytime I go there I always put weights cos I can't resist!


Feb 6, 2009
Shopping for designer items in Singapore is pretty cool because they have ridiculous sales! I went there in the middle of July (I think?) and it was at the end of the sale season and I still found a TON of amazing stuff on sale! Plus you can get a tax refund so that makes it even cheaper ;)


tamale loco
Definitely Singapore for designer stuff it's all in 1 location.. same road, same building!! Depends on which city in Australia, you may have to drive around.

Yes you get tax refund. Even if the currency value is higher in Singapore you still save with the refund. You should go before the Singapore Sale is up I think ends in mid or late August!


Jun 12, 2007
I'm going to Singapore in January 2012 for 3 days, any suggestions on the following:

Best Chicken rice restaurant, Chili crab, and chicken wings.


Jun 16, 2011
ive found singapore to be rather expensive for shopping.
Honestly nothing beats Marshalls and TJ Max =)


& it was all yellow
Dec 15, 2009
I'm Singaporean and I thought Perth was quite expensive. The factory outlet was alright though, but Hongkong was so much better.

In Singapore, there are relatively cheaper shopping areas in town. Ask around for Far East Plaza; not designer and some are cheap (and poor quality) products imported from Taiwan and Hongkong, but wide variety within the many small boutiques in the mall.

k76, the well-known chicken rice place has to be at Chatterbox. I have never actually eaten there before because I usually stick to the cheap hawker centres for my fix (I craved the dish so much during my second week in Europe, I went slightly bonkers and was just googling pictures).

Just arrive and ask your hotel concierge for a recommendation for a hawker centre nearby, and go forth! Don't be shy about asking locals because we quite like our food ;) If it's near, Lau Pa Sat in the CBD area and Maxwell Food Centre are good places to start. Lau Pa Sat might be quite pricey but that's because of its location; decent food and not as pricey as Newton Food Centre (a super touristy place; another place I have never gone too)