SINGAPORE shopping finds

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  1. Sorry this might not be a right section to place this thread but I just can not decide where is the better place to go.

    I go to Singapore often, and always shopping on Orchard Road, the shopping malls, kinda tired of it. Really want to find out where are those unique boutiques.

    Any information?

  2. hi from Singapore! i'm not sure what constitutes 'unique' to you. much of the stuff here aren't home-grown. perhaps you can list down the labels/brands that you usally buy? i avoid Orchard Rd like the plague cos it's crowded and overpriced. there're a few places that sell Australian labels so that's not exactly unique to you, eh ;)
  3. Hi, glossie,
    I am not after any particular brand, I am just tired of the Shopping Malls.
    Wish could find some surprises out of new places.

    I am into Elegant, Sexy, trendy stuff. Or sporty as well. I like dress differently each day.

    Know any places sell nice clothing other than Malls?

  4. hi,
    for non-mainstream fashion finds, you can try the following places:

    - the shops along Haji Lane (near Arab Street)
    - A shop named "Actually" on Seah Street
    - The shops along Ann Siang Hill / Club Street
    - Stamford Court (i'm not sure if this is actually the name of the building, but it's very very near Capitol Building at City Hall. You can find local designer labels Baylene and Nicholas there)

    HTH :smile:
  5. Hi, Lady-g,
    thanks very much for the information.
    I will go to those places next time when I am in Singapore!!

  6. sss4u, I hope you find something that you like in the places mentioned by lady-g. As for Orchard Road, I avoid it like the plague myself but then I actually dislike to shop in real life :smile: Have you considered online shopping? This seller (she custom-makes clothing) is my favourite on Etsy, although I haven't actually ordered from her but she has loyal customers in Australia, among other countries:


    Don't know if you like her style or not, but from the super-positive feedback given, her workmanship is excellent.

    If I were 20 years younger (and also 30 pounds lighter), I'd order this skirt from her in a flash :smile:

    hemp ruffled skirt

  7. Hi,passerby,
    Thanks for the recommendation.
    I viewed the sites and there are some nice piece of clothes, but I enjoy very much shopping in real boutiques. I think it is a lot of fun!
  8. Baylene and Nicholas are in Stamford House.
    Nicholas Wong is one of Singapore’s top up-and-coming designers. His label, Nicholas, was launched in April 2004 and his Stamford House boutique is just six months old. Wong used to design for Miss Selfridge’s and Top Shop in London before launching his own label. He made his debut at the 2004 Singapore Fashion Festival and has also won a Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion award. His signature look is preppy style with a bit of a twist, and his fabrics are vintage-inspired.

    Stamford House
    Unit 02-04
    39 Stamford Road
    Phone: (+65) 6339 0223
    Opening hours: Mon to Fri, 11:30 am - 8 pm; Sunday 12 - 6pm

    taken from Nicholas has actually moved to the ground floor. possibly next to Baylene.

    Capitol is nearby so you could check out other local labels like Celia Loe in this shop named 'Additions'

    some of the shops on Haji carry labels from Australia and it seems Alice McCall is cheaper there. i haven't checked it out myself but i was told the stuff's authentic. Actually carries the famous 18th Amendment jeans, amongst other brands. if you do visit the stores even though the labels are Australian, pls do share if the prices are cheaper. i recently saw the prices of the jeans in Melbourne; i almost choked :wtf: :p

    the reason i didn't rec Ann Siang Hill / Club St is the same. but i guess it's worth the trip just to go somewhere other than the malls. hths!

    thanks for the rec, passerby. i'm seriously sick of the fashiony clothes the local shops sell here. i hate looking like a slave to trends :p
  9. hi there! perhaps you can try going to Holland Village for nice, eclectic mix of clothings and accessories.
  10. I think the most unique thing you could buy in Singapore would be a tailored dress. Arab Street(near Haji Lane) has very unique fabrics, check out Royal Brothers. Then, find a good tailor at Far East Shopping Centre ( near Borders on Orchard Road) and make a dress or a cheong sam.

    I also recomment People's Park Centre in Chinatown for cheap and funky fashions. You can find unique buttons, cheongsams and belts there.
  11. Thanks to all of you for this great info! I go to Singapore often myself and always wonder where the little boutiques are, away from the big malls..
  12. I have nothing of much use to add except I wanted to say I really enjoy shopping in asia - particularly Singapore! I really try to do a stopover when going between the UK and Australia :tup: