Singapore or Hong Kong

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  1. Do you know which country is cheaper to buy Lvs? Singapore or Hong Kong?
  2. France. LOL.
  3. Thanks, i'm sure many knows that. I just want to know which country is cheaper Singapore or Hong Kong..
  4. Great qns, I want to know too...
  5. You know how to find out. Get someone from HK to check the price of a particular bag and a singaporean to check the price of the same bag, the do a conversion. you get ur answer. the best is the speedy 30 monogram as thats the most common bag
  6. I am pretty sure it's Hong Kong, but you can always call the respective boutiques in each country, ask about the price of the piece you are interested in, compare the prices using a currency converter, and you will have your answer. Good luck!
  7. I thought Asian countries in general charge more for LVs than America or European countries? But not sure between Singapore and HK ....
  8. Otherwise just call up the boutiques yourself. Don't forget if you are a foreigner in those countries you can claim the taxes back.
  9. I need to know about Hong Kong too! And UK.... probably. But Hong Hong is closer to Australia.
  10. HONGKONG!!!!!

    I'm from Manila, Philippines and on my last trip saw how much cheaper LV is in hk than here, Singapore prices are closer in price here in manila.........
  11. if you're from the USA, you're not rly saving a lot. just tax. I guess if you're spending in the thousands sure but you don't have youre regular SAs so it's just the same thing. IMO i'd rather pay for good service (which i know i'll get w/ my reg sa) than give it a shot trying to save a little.

    this is just my opinion though
  12. Singapore prices are slighltly higher than US, mostly depending on the items.
    LV clothes are extremely expensive in Sing, about two times, I buy them only in the US.

    Shoes are the same price +/- tax but sometimes collections differ, therfore worth checking all regions.

    Regular bags and accessories maybe +5-7%.

    Limiteds +30%, extreme limiteds even more...

    But service in Asia is much-much better, even if you are walk-in customer...
  13. hongkong price is cheaper definitely.

    and i have to agree with the service in asia is so much better. the SAs have a lot of respect towards their customers. and they are so friendly.
  14. is HK prices cheaper than US?! i am visiting in a few months