Singapore: Need help

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  1. I have been researching into travelling to Singapore for the 2013 GP for part of the honeymoon.

    I have been looking at Expedia, Travelbag and Travel Republic for a combined holiday along with separate airline websites and separate hotel websites, however a lot of them are not up to date yet so I can only go as far as August 2013.

    All research is coming up with us spending approximately £1800 including flights and hotel (3* plus) The cheapest hotel so far is Park Hotel, Clarke Quay..

    I have included the ticket price in this, along with food at a rough cost of £50 per day for the both of us.

    Is this around the price we should expect to pay? Will hotel/flight prices rise once September flights/dates are published due to the GP?

    It is looking like this is out of our budget, we only have £2,000 per person and we still have to go on "my holiday" so ideally I was looking at spending a maximum of £1200 per person.

    This is meant to be our honeymoon so I refuse to scrimp and stay in a not very nice hotel just so it is in budget, or have to worry about if I am spending too much on food or drink. I have seen Mexico holidays all inclusive for 2 weeks for the same price I am getting for Singapore but SO does not believe me when I tell him how much Singapore will cost from my research.

    What would be the best option for our budget? I do not want to go over budget, we do not have 4K to spend each, any money left over from the wedding needs to either go into our house deposit or pay off some of our debts...

    Any help would be appreciated :smile:
  2. Ideally, one should purchase flight ticket 6-9 months prior to get the best price. Also, knowing the right travel agent that handle Asian market helps a lot too, since they can give you more discount than the online travel company could. I'm in US so can't help you with that, but try ask around in Chinatown maybe.

    Another option is to split your stay in Malaysia & Singapore since hotels are a lot cheaper in Malaysia.
    Hope that helps.
  3. I think the reason why hotels are so much more expensive is because it is much too early. Although hotel prices will rise because of the GP, you can still expect to find good hotels at reasonable prices in the £200 range. It also depends on whether you want to stay within the race circuit or outside of it but either way, you should be able to find decent rates. Maybe also check out the websites based in Asia rather than those based in the US/UK (eg, www.
  4. From my travel experience, it is too early to book flights and hotels. For some reason, the early bird doesn't catch the worm when you are looking at almost 1 year in advance. Typically in my side of the world (Asia) I only book long haul flights about 3-4 months in advance as that is when the airlines release promo tickets (unless you are redeeming tickets whereby you need to do as early as possible).

    As for the hotel, Sg hotels are really expensive during the GP. Eg a friend was staying at the Fairmont for about £100-150 a night the day before F1 race. The next night, the prices for that same room went up to about £400 per night as the Fairmont is considered to be close to / in circuit area. So you probably have to consider staying outside the city centre for the time being. Park Hotel Clarke Quay looks like a nice hotel and it's in a nice chilled out area where locals like to go for drinks and games on tv on Saturdays.

    For the GP itself, tickets can be expensive (in excess of £700 per ticket per day). From experience, walkabout tickets (about £90 per pax) are actually quite fun as you get to walk around the circuit and get different angles. I was near the grandstand recently and it got a bit boring.

    I would suggest you mix your trip with destinations like Phuket, Ko Samui which are beautiful beaches and reasonably priced gorgeous hotels or to Bangkok, Vietnam etc. Your money goes a lot further in these places. Bali is also worthwhile but more expensive than the likes of Phuket and Ko Samui. Malaysia, you can check out beaches in Langkawi. KL being the capital will also be expensive but maybe not as bad as Singapore.

    Finally, if all fails, remember that Malaysia also has its own GP at Sepang and you can travel from KL (assuming you only want to catch any GP).
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    Which airlines travel from London to Singapore? I have looked at Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Virgin and British Airways, all coming in at around £800...

    Can I find anything cheaper?

    Looked on asian rooms but still looking at almost £300 to stay outside of the area..
  6. Have you looked at Finnair? They sometimes have great deals to Asia.
  7. I keep looking and looking at so many different options but we are limited, so many reviews on the cheaper hotels say how small and pokey they are which is fine for your average stopover but I want something special for our honeymoon.

    However, special comes at a price, and not one we can afford if we want to do a combined honeymoon. We can't go anywhere for our first anniversary as my friend may be getting married the month before abroad so we need our holiday time and money for that..

    We can't wait too long in booking it because we both need to get the time off work, without knowing exactly what dates we are travelling then it means we cannot get the dates off work secured, meaning either nobody else books holiday at all in September or we risk losing out because we left it too late.

    It seems ludicrous to spend so much money just for the sake of a Grand Prix. It would be great if we had more money, nothing would be a problem then but because we have to be realistic about our budget then we have to be realistic about what we can afford to do. Grand Prix's are held all over the world, granted only one night race but Singapore it secured until 2017, maybe in the future we will have more money and we can go visit.

    I don't think I am being unreasonable wanting to stay somewhere special for a honeymoon but it means Singapore is potentially out of the question, thus disappointing the SO.

    I am beginning to get more and more fed up with the entire thing, I have suggested elsewhere or that he does some research but he is adamant he can find everything cheaper than me but he hasn't yet even looked. I am sick to death of the honeymoon now and quite frankly don't even want one if it is causing this much hassle!
  8. Just to update...after much deliberation and stressing on my part we have decided to raise the budget to £5-6K which should get us everything we need and hopefully more.

    After speaking to someone about Singapore today I am actually really excited about going, I want to have afternoon tea in Raffles!!! She also stayed in the hotel I am looking at and said it was amazing :biggrin:

    I got in contact with an airline operator the other day and she said it is too early to book yet but it makes sense to get a flight straight to Bali but do a Singapore stopover.

    It makes sense to spend a bit more, we have a good sized deposit for a house, and whilst it would be great to have more, there are plenty of people who don't even have what we have.

    Thank you to everyone who replied, if anybody has any suggestions over what to see and do (other than the GP which should take up half or 3/4 of our saturday and sunday then that would be great!!

    Is the night zoo any good? What are the Orchid Gardens like? Where is best to eat and drink (not too cheap but I can't afford Raffles every night sadly :P)
  9. you don't need to spend a lot of money to get great food in singapore. in fact, it's almost a waste to go to "nice" restaurants. the hawker stands are amazing and singapore being what it is, they have consolidated them into hawker centers which are generally nice and clean. usually each stand has a specialty so order that from one stand and another from another, etc... it's super fun to mix and match.

    i think singapore's primary attraction is food. most other activities (shopping, gambling) cost too much money .
  10. You cannot go wrong with any of your chosen airlines (Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Virgin or British Airways). I think I used Singapore Airlines on my trip there a few years ago.

    Do not forget to go for a Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel. Bon Voyage! :smile:
  11. I think its looking likely it will be Singapore Airlines..providing it wont all cost more than £6K..hopefully not..

    Just need to find out how long we can have off work so that we know how long we have in bali :smile:
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    Singapore has become more expensive than a few years ago!

    Love the hawker food centres for great traditional cuisines. Popular ones are Lau Pat Sat and Newton Circuit.

    For decent restaurants & hotels, expect to add 17% for service charge & tax.
    Be aware of taxi surcharges at Peak hours, especially departing from City Area & Marina Bay Sands, as well as midnight surcharges...

    If you are flying with SQ, I think they offer some good deals and free hop-on bus with boarding pass. See if you'd like to check them out :smile:

    Sentosa Island is worth visiting but not all attractions are worth to pay for. If you go to Underwater World, don't miss photo opportunities with dophins!! But be sure to get to the show at least 45min early to get a seat coz that's usually the most crowded session!!

    Definitely recommend the Orchid Gardens in the Botanical garden. The species in Orchid Gardens are amazing! Suggest to have lunch at Les Amis (we didn't go but seems price is reasonably acceptable for the fine dining experience). We dined at a restaurant next to Orchid Garden, that one is nice too and bit cheaper than Les Amis. If time permits, definitely take a leisure walk around the Botanical Gardens :smile: Botanical Gardens is free and the Orchid Gardens cost a few dollars, but definitely worth the visit.

    Raffles Hotel's Singapore's Sling is great! tried that and loved it. i think it was around 25SGD
    It seems their set lunch is at a 'reasonable' cost too (comparatively to dinner price).

    For me, one way to enjoy the lux experience is to dine somewhere nice at lunch (coz cost cheaper and you still get to enjoy the experience), then maybe find something cheaper and more authentic for dinner (perhaps visit a hawker centre to enjoy the local experience?)
    For a local cafe, definitely recommend Toast Box for Laksa. They are everywhere, too!

    As for the zoo, I am not a fan but Night Safari can be a one off interesting experience. It seems like there will be a wild zoo opening up in Singapore so you might like to check that out too from the singapore zoo website!!

    Enjoy! It's a fun city

  13. For general day to day eating I dont want to spend a fortune so it seems like the Hawker Centres are a good place to visit.

    I have come up with a short list of to do things and the costings for 2 people:

    Botanic/Orchard Gardens $10 (Thursday or Friday)
    Singapore Flyer $66 (Thursday or Friday)
    Afternoon Tea (Lunch) in Raffles $140 (Thursday)
    Dinner out once $80 (Friday)


    Transport: $100
    Food and drink (lunch, dinner, snacks, excluding the above) $500

    The prices for the attractions I got from the websites, I estimated the rest. Is this a good estimate?

    Not sure how long to stay in Singapore for, looking into arriving on a Thursday morning, leaving on the Monday or the Tuesday.

    We wont be wanting to do anything major on the Thursday as we will be tired from travelling but a walk around the gardens followed by afternoon tea or lunch seems pretty laid back.

    What are the MRT times like? Will we be able to use it to get back to whichever hotel we are staying in after the GP finishes? I am not sure if we can afford to stay within walking distance..

    Have a few hotels in mind but need to wait on a quote first.
  14. a warning: the Singapore flyer is just like the London eye except there is less to see. I found it wasn't worth the price of the ticket and I wasn't on a budget. the museums were more interesting - you can learn about the peranakans.
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    This. I found the London Eye boring, but the Singapore Flyer is REALLY boring. You're better off just going to the roof of Marina Bay Sands.

    I recommend the Night Safari at the zoo, although I was still dripping with sweat even at night.

    IMO, 2-3 days in Singapore (including the GP) is more than enough.