Singapore/HongKong - Balenciaga here I come!

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  1. I'll be heading to Singapore this weekend for 3 whole weeks :yahoo: Grew up there and call it my home (singapura...oh singapura!) I have a Cafe City and can't wait to expand my collection. Should I just buy it here in New York where I am currently resided or should I get it in Singapore (anyone know the bbag prices or bbag lobangs [discounts]?)

    I'm also thinking of visiting Hongkong - is HK perhaps a better place to purchase a b-bag? Need all the advise I can get and hopefully, I'll be back in NY with another b-bag! Can't wait :rolleyes:
  2. Hi welcome back!!! :smile: I wont advise you to buy it here as it is much more costly and most of the bags have long waiting lists... Anyway, do drop by Hilton Hotel to visit the Balenciaga there. The staff are very friendly...
  3. Since you're a NY resident, why don't you buy from Aloha Rag: they offer free shipping, lax return policy, and tax free.

    I'm sure Balenciaga will sell much more expensively in Asia.
  4. oooh... i used to live in NYC!! i am in singapore now and am missing manhattan like crazy!
  5. I have a feeling HK will be a very difficult place to find a bag in a popular color or style. I'm from HK...and people are very very crazy there when it comes to brand names. Anything labelled "limited edition" will be sold out within days if nor hours. But then again, because of the high demand, stores sometimes get a lot of stock.

    I suggest you remember the prices of b-bags where you are...and compare when you get there.
  6. i heard lots of gals in this part of the world get their b-bags from the US, when travelling/via internet/phone. they say it is cheaper to do that even after shipping.

  7. Hello!! How you like Singapore?:yes: I got mine from Norway:smile:
  8. Welcome home! Hope you have a great time catching up with stuff in Spore.
    Bbags in Spore are expensive unfortunately, and also limited in stock, unless u're on the waiting list..then again u still have to wait. Get in Bal NY or yes! Aloharag. Do a search in the bbag forum and theres a thread of 'Balenciaga in Hong Kong'. Prices are cheaper than Spore but still a bit more expensive than States.
    Am heading to HK next week!
  9. I just got a bowling from Joyce for HK$9000. That is around US$1,168 (exchange rate is pretty stable at 7.7 to a dollar). And if you are a Joyce card holder, you get a 10% discount. Anyone in Singapore and USA know how much a bowling costs so we can compare?
  10. Hi there

    I think NYBal has the best selection and price. I am in Singapore at this moment and if you need a discount, I can get 10 off but the selection isn't great!
  11. you should definitely buy in ny! i was at the shop in hilton and they have a really limited selection (although i did see a vert gazon first! and some linen bags. the only GH bags they have left are in the hobo shape, everything else is sold out) and it's a whole lot more expensive than the us or europe.. that being said, the sales tax in NY is really high..
  12. The bowling here in the US sells for US$1185, so at $1168 plus the 10% discount, that's not a bad price at all!
  13. The Great Singapore Sale will start end of May. In the past sales, did they include any Balenciaga bags?
    I'll be going there during the sale season :yahoo:
  14. both singapore and hk are more expensive when it comes to buying bbags its better to buy from aloharag :smile:
  15. still making up my mind... :p

    norway? you bought your b-bag from norway? wah. not the first country in my mind come to b-bag :smile: i am a b-bag novice though